On-Campus Services and Resources

Suffolk University encourages our students to utilize the various resources available on campus in order to promote individual growth and provide support during difficult or challenging times. These following services are there if you find yourself overwhelmed or in need of additional support related to the discipline process, we encourage that you take advantage of the various services they have to offer.

  • Student Affairs

    The Student Affairs Office is committed to assisting and advocating for the needs of our students. We encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions about Community Standards, student life or services, and if needed we can refer you to the appropriate offices for the requested service. 

  • Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center offers a broad range of preventive, remedial, and developmental services to the Suffolk University community. It strives to help students function more effectively in the University environment by assisting them in defining and accomplishing their personal and academic goals. 

  • Interfaith Center/Campus Ministry

    The Interfaith Center has three main functions:

    1. To be an ethical voice on the campus
    2. To serve as an educational advocate for students
    3. To act as a counselor or spiritual guide to students and faculty. 
  • University Police

    Developing a safe and secure environment in an academic institution is a partnership. University Police is assigned the primary responsibility of identifying those programs, methods, and tactics necessary to assist the entire university community in achieving a safe and secure environment. 

  • Health and Wellness Services

    Health and Wellness Services serves all Suffolk University students. We’re here to help you achieve and maintain optimum physical and emotional health. 

  • Center for Learning & Academic Success

    The Center for Learning & Academic Success is an on-campus resource focused on empowering all Suffolk University students to reach their highest academic potential.