Discount MBTA Program

Suffolk students can purchase semester Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) passes at a discounted rate.

Discount MBTA Passes Are Now Available

Discounted fall MBTA passes are now available to order online. The deadline to order is December 13th 2023, 11:59pm. 

Spring Passes will provide service form January 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024.

Place your MBTA pass order

College of Arts & Sciences and Sawyer Business School

Fall passes run from September 1 to December 31.
Spring passes run from January 1 to April 30.

MBTA Pass Options

The most popular selection is the Link Pass, which covers both our rapid transit subway system (known as the “T”) and some of the local bus system. This pass refills automatically every month and can be replaced if lost. We recommend this one for most students taking the subway multiple days a week.

There are also options for express busses, the Commuter Rail, and the Ferry. Please research which option will work best for you and read each description carefully to ensure you are picking the right pass for you and your budget. 

Picking up your MBTA Pass

The MBTA will send passes directly to the Student Leadership and Involvement (SLI) office shortly prior to the beginning of the covered period. You will receive an email when the passes are ready to be picked up, where to pick up, and what time. Passes will not be mailed to you.

Please note that all Commuter Rail and Ferry passes will need to be picked up at the beginning of each month, and cannot be replaced for that month if lost or stolen.

Replacement Request for Link Passes

If you’ve ordered an MBTA semester pass with Suffolk University and have misplaced or disabled your pass, please email SLI with your name, student ID number, and what kind of pass you had. We will request a replacement (if possible) and email you within one week to pick up your replacement card.

The MBTA will not replace Commuter Rail or Ferry passes.

Questions about the MBTA Pass Program

For specific information or general questions about your personal commute, (routes, bus numbers, which T-line) please contact the MBTA. If you have questions about Suffolk's discount pass program or your pass purchase, please email Student Leadership and Involvement.

Suffolk Law Students

Discount MBTA passes are also available to Law Students who have their own online store and pick up from the Law Dean of Students Office. Be sure to place your order with the right online store to make pickup easier.

Employee Information

Suffolk University employees may take advantage of the Commuter Benefit Program offered by Human Resources.