Study biology in the heart of Boston's healthcare sector

Biologists are dedicated to figuring out what makes organisms thrive or fail. Will you go on to work in a health-related field, conduct research to cure diseases, or address environmental challenges? As a biologist-in-training at Suffolk University, you’ll analyze the characteristics and behaviors of all living things using lessons drawn from chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Suffolk's biology programs are robust. As a biology major, you’ll gain a solid foundation in laboratory, field, and classroom science by learning about evolution, genetics, ecology, molecular biology, and physiology. If you have a keen interest in a particular area of study, you can choose an optional concentration in biotechnology, health careers, or marine science to advance your career goals.

The Biology Department also offers undergraduate degrees in radiation science and radiation therapy. The department is home to two fully accredited programs as well, a post-baccalaureate certificate in radiation therapy and a master's in medical dosimetry.

And you'll study amid some of the most prestigious hospitals and labs in the United States. Boston is a major healthcare hub, and Suffolk has longstanding ties to the city's top institutions. This relationship grants Suffolk students enviable access to internships an easy walk or T ride from campus.

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From undergraduate majors in biology, radiation science, and radiation therapy; to a certificate in radiation therapy; and a master's in medical dosimetry, our biology programs will prepare you for professional success.

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