Faculty & Staff - Economics

The Economics faculty and staff are here to help the Suffolk University community as a whole—students should contact their professors and administrators to address all questions and concerns.

Full-Time Faculty

Jonathan Haughton, Professor & Department Chair

In-Mee Baek, Professor

Darlene C. Chisholm, Professor

Louis Foglia, Instructor

Lawrence De Geest, Assistant Professor

Jongbyung Jun, Associate Professor

Alison Kelly, Professor

Christos Makriyannis, Assistant Professor

Shahruz Mohtadi, Associate Professor

Sarah Tang, Assistant Professor

David G. Tuerck, Professor

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number, 617-573-8509 or via their individual suffolk emails.

The part-time faculty offices are located at 73 Tremont Street 10th floor, Room 1023 and Room 1035. 

Kara Binning, Lecturer

Farhoud Kafi, Senior Lecturer

Christopher Lynch, Lecturer

Daraboth Rith, Graduate Student Lecturer

Wendi Sun, Lecturer

Alexander Taylor, Lecturer

Murat Yilmaz, Lecturer

Administrative Services Team

The administrative services team supports the following departments:

  • Advertising, Public Relations, & Social Media
  • Economics
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science & Legal Studies
  • World Languages & Cultural Studies

Susan Keefe
Administrative Services Manager
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor

Mary Anooshian
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor

Jeffrey Fish
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor

Diane Hill
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor

Erin Redmond
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor

Madelyn Soto
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 10th Floor