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Do you love language and the written word? Would you rather read the book than see the movie? Do you have an idea for the next “great American novel”? Then you should major in English at Suffolk University.

As an English major, you’ll read and understand a variety of texts and literary genres. You’ll analyze complex material and think critically. Plus, you’ll effectively present your ideas orally, and in expository and creative writing.

If you concentrate in literature, you'll get a broad understanding of literary traditions and develop a sophisticated approach to interpreting important texts in many contexts. If you concentrate in creative writing, you’ll craft original work and get valuable feedback from your classmates in workshops. Every Suffolk English major learns to appreciate the written word as both an art form and as an essential cultural expression.

Whether you’re into British, American, or global literature, Suffolk will help you find career-shaping internships in the field. Your English major is the key to a successful career in communications and marketing, journalism, nonprofits, higher education administration, business, and law. You can also take your studies to the next level in graduate school.

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English Department

From the traditional English major and minor to our more-focused creative writing program, our options will help shape your professional path. An interdisciplinary history and literature major is also available for honors students through the English and History departments.

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Suffolk offers a wide variety of programs ranging from traditional majors such as Biology and Journalism, to new interdisciplinary programs such as Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. Expand your mind and gain hands-on experience.

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Suffolk University’s College of Arts & Sciences will help you prepare for your future whether you decide to explore career options or continue your education and professional development.

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Suffolk University offers many ways to expand your education outside the classroom with opportunities on our campus in the heart of Boston, study abroad, & more.