Faculty & Staff - English

The English faculty and staff are here to help the Suffolk University community as a whole—students should contact their professors and administrators to address all questions and concerns.

Full-Time Faculty

Bryan Trabold, Associate Professor & Department Chair

José Angel Araguz, Assistant Professor 

Elif Armbruster, Associate Professor 

Wyatt Bonikowski, Associate Professor

Lisa Celovsky, Professor; Associate Dean of CAS

Leslie Eckel, Associate Professor

Nicholas Frangipane, Instructor

Katherine Horn, Instructor

Hannah Hudson, Assistant Professor

Peter Jeffreys, Associate Professor

George Kalogeris, Associate Professor

Jon Lee, Instructor 

Robin Mangino, Instructor

Marlene McKinley, Professor 

D. Quentin Miller, Professor

Rich Miller, Associate Professor

Amy Monticello, Assistant Professor

Kaylin O'Dell, Assistant Professor

Ruth Prakasam, Instructor

Pamela Saunders, Instructor; Director of Writing

Jason Tucker, Instructor

Valerie Vancza, Instructor

Scott Votel, Instructor

Da Zheng, Professor

Emeritus Professors

Marilyn Jurich, Associate Professor Emerita

Bette Mandl, Professor Emerita

Fred Marchant, Professor Emeritus

Anthony Merzlak, Professor Emeritus

Stuart Millner, Professor Emeritus

Gerald Richman, Professor Emeritus

Part-Time Faculty

Part-time faculty may be reached at the main department phone number unless otherwise noted (617-573-8271). They may also be reached via the departmental fax number, 617-305-1744.

The part-time faculty office is located on the 8th floor of 73 Tremont Street.

Jamie Bondar
Program Manager, Center for Learning & Academic Success
(617) 573-8571

Olivia Kate Cerrone

Paul Grabianowski
Senior Lecturer

Gail Hanlon
Senior Lecturer

Suzanne John
Director, Creative Collaborations & Partnerships, CAS Dean’s Office
Phone: 617-994-4234

Jimmy Johnson
Senior Lecturer

Lynne Larson
Senior Lecturer

Gregory Lawless
Senior Lecturer

Hilary Nanda
Senior Lecturer

Mark Sanford
Senior Lecturer

George Scala
Senior Lecturer

Anita Sharma
Senior Lecturer

Chris Siteman
Senior Lecturer

Deanna Stanford
Senior Lecturer

Erik Sullivan
Senior Lecturer

Susan Sullivan
Senior Lecturer

Rosemarie C. Sultan
Senior Lecturer

Gerard Waggett
Senior Lecturer

Brooks Winchell
Senior Lecturer

Administrative Services Team

The administrative services team supports the following departments:

  • English
  • Mathematics & Computer Science

Lauren Burch
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor

Campbell Rubens 
Administrative Coordinator 
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor

Mary Wilson
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 73 Tremont, 8th Floor