Course Name Course Description Syllabus
HST 149 - Empires & Globalization in World History I The first semester focuses on the transition from democracy to empire in the ancient world and social and political transitions in the medieval world. The topics include from Athenian democracy to imperialism, from Roman Republic to Roman Empire, and the world system before European hegemony. 4 credits HST149 [PDF]
HST 150 - Empires & Globalization in World History II The second semester focuses on the relationship between empire-building and globalization. The topics include early modern globalization, the British Empire, and the formation of Atlantic World. 4 credits HST150 [PDF]
HST 218 SL - Wall and Bridges: Immigration from a Global Perspective Immigration is one of the crucial topics of the 21st century. This course provides historical context for migration flows in Spain in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The syllabus follows a chronological overview of immigration history in Spain. Traditionally a country of emigrants, Spain became the EU country receiving the largest numbers of immigrants in 2018. Topics to be covered in class include Spain’s unprecedented modernization in 40 years of democracy; immigration, Islamophobia and xenophobia; immigration and citizenship; family, gender and sexuality; refugees and asylum policy; globalization and migration; illegal immigrant rights; border walls, policing and illegal trafficking; deportation; integration and assimilation; the 2015 refugee crisis and its impact; emigration in Spain during the Great Recession; and the future of immigration in Spain. Immigration to Spain – Past, Present and Future includes an array primary and secondary sources together with documentary material relevant to these topics. This course includes a service-learning component.
HST 278 - The Spanish Civil War and Spain Today This course provides an overview of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), examining its causes, course, consequences and relevance in 21st Century Spain. It focuses on the end of the monarchy and the Second Spanish Republic; causes of the War; Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and the War; the International Brigades and the Abraham Lincoln Brigade; battles of the Civil War; Francoism; democracy and the pact of silence; Spain’s memory wars. 4 credits
HST278 [PDF]
HST 357 - History of Spain I This course examines and explores the political, economic and social history of Spain from antiquity to 1700. Topics include: Spain before the Roman Conquest; Roman Spain; from slave society to feudal society; the Islamic state and the Christian Reconquest; the formation of the national state; the Spanish Empire and the Golden Age; the Hapsburg state; Spain and the Counterreformation; the Hapsburg decline; the crisis of 1700. 4 credits HST357 [PDF]
HST 358 - History of Spain II This course examines and explores the political, economic and social history of Spain from 1700 to the present. Topics include: the War of Spanish Succession; the Bourbon state; the Enlightenment in Spain; the impact of the French Revolution; Spain in the Napoleonic Wars; the rise of liberalism, socialism and anarchism; the crisis of 1898; the problems of modernization; the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime; the transition from dictatorship to democracy; Spain's international position today. 4 credits HST358 [PDF]
HST 414 - Nazi Germany
German and European preconditions; the Versailles Treaty and the failure of the Weimar Republic; Hitler's ideas, collaborators and institutions; Nazi foreign and domestic policy; World War II and the concentration camps. 4 credits HST414 [PDF]