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Counseling, Health, and Wellness Staff and the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs) are available to visit or support your classrooms, student group meetings, and other programs. Please complete the form below.

Please Note:

  • Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • If there is not availability for your requested day or time we will work with you to find an alternate time.
  • Please provide 2 weeks notice to ensure that we will be able to fulfill your request.
  • Please provide 4 weeks notice for new programs.
  • Once submitted a staff member will follow-up with you regarding your request.
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Requests will be considered, and presenters assigned based on program needs and availability.

General Departmental Presentation

Gives our department a name and a face! We are happy to visit your class, program, meeting, or event to share information about our services. Presented by CHW staff or the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

Presented by the undergraduate students of the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs), this program offers a variety of wellness information including facts on alcohol/other drugs, nutrition, stress management, and sleep. Ideal for AIM courses or anyone wanting to offer students a crash course in wellness topics that relate to student success.


Students learn about the dangers of binge/high risk drinking and alcohol dependence in a fun and interactive way. A variation of "Pour For Your Peers" is used during this program as way to show students the risks associated with drinking, what a standard drink looks like, and tips on how to make smart decisions. Presented by the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

An interactive program to show students the risks associated with drinking, what a standard drink looks like, and tips on how to make smart decisions. Presented by the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

This discussion isn’t only for mandated students! Wellness or Counseling staff visit with groups or individuals and walk them through some interactive journaling and lively discussions about alcohol use, life goals, and the intersection between the two.


Students create their own trail mix, choosing from a variety of nutritious ingredients, all of which are brain foods. Information on why and how these foods are beneficial to students is provided as well as a take home treat. Excellent program around Finals week! Presented by the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

There are many facets of nutrition, especially how they apply to college students. If you would like a nutrition-based program please describe, in as much detail as possible, what you would like covered (i.e. eating healthy on a college budget, how to snack healthy on the go etc.) Presented by CHW Staff and/or the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

Relationship with Self and Others

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. This interactive discussion will help students identify unhealthy and dangerous patterns of relating, as well as begin thinking about what they value in a healthy relationship. This program can also cover conflict resolution and ways of repairing or moving through it as well as practicing the way in which we communicate with ourselves and others to move towards resolution. Additional program options include exploring the different ways of responding to anger, including understanding what is underneath it. Presented by CHW staff.

(interpersonal violence, suicide prevention, anti-racism/bias, and bullying)

Using principles of Social Psychology, these workshops are focused on empowering each of us to find ways to prevent violence and harm to others. Together we will be identifying problem behaviors, deciding when and how to intervene, and working through scenarios. Presented by CHW staff.

This program promotes positive body image. Students are invited to write a positive message about their own bodies on human shaped cutouts which are then hung up around campus. Can be a passive program, good for tabling. Presented by the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

Stress Management and Mental Health

Students are juggling school, work, personal lives, and relationships and sometimes it can be overwhelming. This program discusses physical, emotional, and psychological signs of stress as well as coping strategies to stay resilient. Become informed about some of the major causes of anxiety and depression, as well as tips on how to cope. These topics can be tailored to address unique mental health concerns as well as coping tools to increasing resiliency. Presented by CHW staff and/or the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

Worry about exam performance can negatively impact a student’s grades. This workshop provides a platform for discussion of recognizing test anxiety, in conjunction with tools to help stay calm and perform well. Presented by CHW staff.

A brief, experiential introduction to the principles of mindfulness, the benefits of developing this skill (including better management of stress/anxiety and depression, increased immunity, lowered blood pressure, and better sleep!), and meditative exercises. Includes a guided wellness meditation. Presented by CHW staff.

This program focuses on the importance of a good night’s sleep and how it can affect academic performance and overall health and wellness. Tips for creating healthy sleep hygiene habits and how to get a good night sleep are provided. Presented by CHW staff and/or the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, and Refer — the 3 simple steps anyone can learn to help save a life from suicide.
Just as people trained in CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver help save thousands of lives each year, people trained in QPR learn how to recognize the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to question, persuade, and refer someone to help. Each year thousands of Americans, like you, are saying "Yes" to saving the life of a friend, colleague, sibling, or neighbor.

QPR can be learned in our Gatekeeper course in as little as one hour.

Sexual Health

A jeopardy-style game which uses questions focused on sexual health to engage students and increase their understanding of various sexual health topics. Please let us know if you would like us to bring internal/external condoms, dental dams, or lubricant to give out to participants! This program requires a computer set-up and preferably room for students to split into teams. Presented by the Suffolk University Peer-Health Educators (SUPERs).

RA Supplies

Need some supplies for your residents (sexual health items, stress balls, coloring books)? Please note the items you are interested in and the number below. Dependent on supply.

New Program

Don’t see your needs represented above? Request a different topic, please include details of the request below


Please note: Graduate and Law School requests would be fulfilled by staff no matter what program is requested. Please use this form for those requests and note this in the special requests section.