Living Learning Communities

Looking to maximize your Suffolk experience as soon as you step on campus as a new Ram? If so, you should consider registering for one of our Living Learning Communities (LLC).

Whichever one you choose, your LLC will offer you so much, including the chance to participate in special programs with professors who’ll guide you through academic, career, and networking opportunities. You’ll live on the same floor as other students enrolled in your program, creating a foundational community where you’ll constantly interact with peers who share the same interests.

Living Learning Communities

You'll live on a floor or part of a floor that is devoted to your area of interest or academic program. Your RA and a faculty or staff member work together to plan special programs for you and serve as your personal mentors during your first year. The programs they offer will help you explore class and internship options, learn about careers in your major after you graduate, network with alumni, and meet new friends and get involved.

  • Honors (College of Arts & Sciences and Sawyer Business School)
  • Leadership

Living in an LLC offers first-year students the advantage to take what they learn in the classroom and apply it outside. LLC students really explore their personal passions and make connections with students with similar interests and develop personal mentoring relationships with faculty, staff, and other students. Students are offered the opportunities to network with Boston business and have extra faculty member support in choosing career paths. By actively participating in an LLC, students tend to have:

  • Smoother transitions to college and Boston
  • Improved academic success
  • Strong social, academic, and professional networks that extend through and after graduation
  • Increased satisfaction with their overall experience
  • Increased knowledge of their major and internship and career possibilities

Living in a LLC doesn't mean extra work. You'll just have the opportunity to engage with faculty outside of class and be exposed to all that your major, Suffolk, and Boston have to offer. Special programs held once a month will contribute greatly to your success. Any class that you take associated with the LLC is a regular class you'd likely have to take anyway.

In early May, you'll get an email from Residence Life asking you to complete your housing preferences on the housing portal. You'll be able to complete and submit an LLC application through the portal. You can go into the portal to change your other preferences (room type, request roommates, etc.) through the end of June.

We can't guarantee that any two given students will be able to live together on campus. We do, however, always try our best to accommodate roommate requests. If you select living in a LLC and we cannot fit your non-LLC roommate onto the LLC floor with you, we will assign you a new roommate who is in the LLC.

Please contact Residence Life & Housing at 617-305-2500 x 0.