Student Government

By the students, for the students.


Through the adoption of this constitution and bylaws, the undergraduate student body of Suffolk University hereby establishes the Student Government Association (SGA) as its official representative to University shared governance. The SGA represents the undergraduate student body in voicing concerns, promoting interests, and advocating for student life and academic concerns at Suffolk University. The SGA will be responsible for the management and distribution of funds collected through the University Student Activities Fee.

As the representative governing body for all Suffolk University undergraduate students, we're the voice of students on campus. We act as a bridge between the student body and all levels of the administration to address and solve student issues and concerns. We're committed to ensuring that students are well represented and feel comfortable at Suffolk University, and we work diligently to make that happen.


Dave DeAngelis, Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Leadership and Involvement

SGA Concerns

 If you have seen or faced a challenge or concern on campus, please let us know here.

SGA Constitution

Review the SGA Constitution [PDF].

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Office Location

8 Ashburton Pl. Sawyer Building Room 324C.