Most of what we use can be diverted from landfills. Suffolk has readily available trash and single stream recycling bins throughout campus. In addition, our cafeterias divert food waste from the trash by composting during operations.

Waste Streams at Suffolk

  • Trash: food wrappers, tissues, food scraps, styrofoam, old clothes, etc.
  • Single Stream Recycling: paper, envelopes, magazines, paper cups, paper plates, pizza boxes, plastic containers, glass bottles, metal cans, etc.
  • E-Waste/Hazardous Waste: printer cartridges, batteries, cell phones, light bulbs, electronics, computer parts/cables, appliances, etc.


No, recyclables do not need to be rinsed. Food and liquids should be emptied out before the item goes into a recycling bin, however trace amounts of food is okay.

No, with Suffolk's single stream recycling program, glass, metal, plastic, and paper can go together in any recycling bin. Make sure to separate trash from recycling, as any trash in a recycling bin contaminates the recyclable material making it non-recyclable.

Residential recycling is available in many neighboring communities. For more details,