Suffolk's downtown location allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by commuting to campus by foot, bike, and/or public transportation. Underground parking on campus is limited, which encourages the use of public transportation, as well as limits the heat island impact of our campus.

Getting to Campus

Public Transportation

Plan your trip to Suffolk using the MBTA, Boston's transit system. Several MBTA lines are easily accessible and within walking distance from campus.

Employee Transportation Benefits

Learn more about the transportation benefits that Suffolk offers to its employees for public transportation, carpooling, biking, and parking.

Student Transit Semester Pass Discount

Learn more about the undergraduate and graduate transportation benefits available.

Bike Rack Locations

Bike racks are located in or close to Suffolk buildings. Our residence halls offer indoor bike storage for residents.

Racks are located at:

  • 73 Tremont Street - 20 spots on Tremont Place near entrance to Mildred Sawyer Library
  • Sargent Hall - 10 spots in the Garage
  • 20 Somerset - 20 spots in the plaza
  • 10 West - 15 spots in the Basement Fitness Center*
  • Miller Hall - 10 spots in the First Floor Storage Room*

* Requires a Suffolk Student ID card