Sustainability Committee

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Sustainability Committee Members

Ashley Lindsey
Director of Facilities

Kailynn Abrams
Coordinator of Facilities

Matthew McGrath
Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing

Richard Gregg
Distinguished Instructor, Health Administration

Hayley N. Schiebel 
Assistant Professor, Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Timothy J. Albers
Associate Director of Risk and Insurance

Melissa Muchmore
Administrative Services Manager, College of Arts and Sciences

Kurt Hentschel
Director of Campus Services

Tuyet L. Fioravanti
Senior Administrative Associate, Presidents Office

Kristin Hagan
Director of Individual Giving

Beatriz Patino
Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion

Yvette C. Velez
Associate Director of Community Partnerships
Teresa B. Fisher
Phycologist, Counseling Services
Alan Dale
Manager of Environmental Health and Safety a Dale
Matt Lagor
Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Andre Vega
Director of Capital Projects & Construction
Janice Baker
Senior Benefits and Compensation Specialist
Dennis Harkins
Assistant Director of Center for Community Engagement

Student Members

Diana Gastelum
SEC president

Logan Michael Casey
Residence Life Representative