Interdepartmental Mail

All campus mail should be enclosed in the reusable inter-office envelopes, not in white or first-class envelopes. This will cut the cost of campus mail, prevent delays in handling, and eliminate the possibility of campus mail being inadvertently metered and mailed out. These envelopes are designed to be used many times, and are supplied by Mail Services.

If confidentiality is a factor, place the material in a regular, sealed, business envelope before placing it in an inter-office envelope. While this may seem to be a duplication of work, it eliminates the possibility of mailing out interdepartmental mail.

Please allow extra time when sending mail from a department served by one mail service location to a department served by the other locations. Deliveries between mail services are usually made at approximately 1:30 p.m. Please keep this schedule in mind when you want interdepartmental mail to get to its location quicker.

Lastly, campus mail addresses should include the recipient's full name, department, and building location—do not use name only.