Special Services

Because each of these services involves getting a receipt, departments requesting such services should contact us.


This is the most secure service the U.S. Postal Service offers. It is used primarily for valuable merchandise. Each piece must be a least 5" long by 3 1/2" wide, regardless of thickness. It uses a system of receipts, which monitors the mail's movement from point to point. It is costly; therefore, limited use is recommended.


This method provides you with a mailing receipt. This is limited to mail of no intrinsic value. The cost of this service is $4.40 in addition to postage.


This method provides indemnity for items lost or damaged by the U.S. Postal Service. Fees are based on declared value. For example, coverage up to $50 costs $2.75, in addition to postage and other fees. Maximum coverage is up to $5,000, and costs $12.25 plus $1.90 per $100 or the fraction thereof over $600 in declared value.

Return Receipt Requested

All special mail services include this service. The cost is $3.65 per return card. It is returned to you with the recipient's signature.

Domestic Overnight Delivery Service

UPS and Federal Express are the vendors used by the University to provide overnight services. Overnight mail should only be used in extreme situations. Second-day service is a viable alternative along with Ground Services. Mail Services will not pick up Special Packages with regular pickups. Departments needing to send materials overnights must bring the materials to their respective Mail services location by 3:30 p.m. If there are multiple pieces, Mail Services will require additional processing time.


DHL and Federal Express will not deliver a letter or package to a P.O. box. If you must send an overnight to a P.O. box, USPS Express Mail is the only option.


In the event that an employee is leaving the University, please ask Mail Services for the proper USPS forms to ensure uninterrupted mail delivery.