Collections Policy

Tuition Accounts

Student accounts not paid in full by the due date are considered delinquent. Failure to pay in full will result in late fees and holds being assessed to the account. Holds will prevent access to future registration, transcripts and receipt of diplomas.

Students with overdue balances will be reported to ECSI who is our billing servicer. If the debt is not resolved while at ECSI, the student account will be referred to a collection agency. All accounts referred to the collection agency will also be reported to the national credit bureaus. The student will be responsible for all collection fees associated with efforts to collect on monies owed. Prior to any future registrations, Suffolk University reserves the right to require payment in full regarding previously delinquent accounts.

Perkins & Institutional Loans

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions section of the Master Promissory Note to understand your rights and responsibilities.