The Suffolk University administration provides leadership to the institution as it pursues its mission of empowering graduates to be successful locally, regionally, and globally.


Marisa Kelly

Acting Provost

Sebastián Royo

Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer

Laura Sander

The Office of the Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration & Treasurer manages the University’s fiscal affairs and oversees the administrative and financial functions of the University.

Units reporting to the senior vice president

Audited Financial Statements
Financial Statements June 30, 2018 [PDF]

Finance and Administration Team

  • Laura Sander, Senior Vice President
  • Michelle Quinlan, Associate Vice President of Finance
  • Andre Vega, Director of Campus Planning, Design, and Construction 
  • Katherine Whidden, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Thomas Lynch III, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Karen Kruppa, Director of Risk Management
  • Kurt Hentschel, Director of Strategic Procurement

Senior Vice President of External Affairs

John A. Nucci

Senior Vice President of Advancement

Colm Renehan

Dean of Students

Ann Coyne 

Vice President of Communications

Greg Gatlin

Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid

Donna Grand Pré  

The vice president for admission and financial aid is responsible for the recruitment and enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as relevant marketing initiatives. In addition, the vice president is responsible for initiating and managing national and international collaborations, including enrollment at the University’s satellite campuses in Massachusetts and Madrid, Spain.

Reporting to the vice president are:

  • Assistant Vice president for Enrollment and Director of Student Financial Services
  • Assistant Vice president for Enrollment and Registrar for the Colleges
  • Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Director of Undergraduate Admission
  • Director of Graduate Admission
  • Director of International Enrollment Services
  • Director of International Student Outreach

Vice President for Diversity, Access & Inclusion

Joyya Smith

Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences

Maria Toyoda

Dean of the Law School

Andrew Perlman

Dean of the Sawyer Business School

William J. O’Neill, Jr.