Technology is not a solution, but a tool to improve your abilities. Finding the right tool for your needs will multiply your efforts, compensate for your weaknesses, and scaffold your learning so you smoothly rise to challenges and meet your goals. Some of the apps and tools below are device-specific and better for certain activities than others, but it is up to you to determine what is the best tool for your needs...however if you do not use the tools, they do nothing for you!

Note that many of these apps are neither sponsored by or supported by Suffolk. Use at your own discretion.

  • Organizers and Visualizers


    instaGrok is a user-generated concept map archive. You start with a central idea and keywords, key facts, and videos that are connected to that central idea pop up in a visually-stimulating way. is a slick task management app that helps organize your priorities in a beautiful interface. Compatible with both iOS and Android.

  • English Language Practice


    Not only does Quizlet provide user-created term sheets for particular topics, but each term sheet comes with an English reading of the text to practice pronouncing terms and definitions.

  • Calendars

    Google Calendar
    The easiest and most intuitive option for Android users and Google fans, this calendar automatically syncs to your Android device and Google account. Setting up time blocks, appointments, and reminders is a breeze, the notification system can ping you as far in advance as you would like, and depending how deep into the technology you dive you can get travel time estimates, weather, and other contextual information organically. The great feature for Google Calendar is setting up multiple calendars and sharing them with others with one click. For example, if you have a club that has weekly meetings you can create one shared calendar that updates for all your club members.
    Outlook Calendar
    Suffolk University has created an Outlook account for you with your email. Outlook is one of the most common mail/calendar programs used in the workplace and it is a great idea for you to understand its potential and nuances. Outlook can also set notifications and reminders and you can schedule appointments with other people through its shared calendar functions. It is good to note that when scheduling appointments with the CLAS (for tutoring, coaching, etc.), our system automatically sends you an Outlook meeting appointment that you can plug right into your calendar.
    While not as robust and sleek as other calendar programs, this calendar comes standard on iOS devices and computers. The same features of notifications and recurring appointments are easy to navigate, however sharing calendars is much more difficult compared to other devices. For a free software pre-loaded on your device, the iOS Calendar is a solid option.
  • Timers and Distraction Blockers

    This free iOS app blocks your own access to websites and activities you designate for as long as you set the app. This app even blocks access if you restart your computer or uninstall the app. This is a great way to eliminate common distractors like social media and YouTube. Freedom is a similar paid option for all sorts of platforms.
    You will be shocked as to how your time is actually spent after using this app to track time spent on various sites/programs. When you thought you booked a four-hour cram-fest, it turned into a two-hour Twitter and email-a-thon. RescueTime may give you the hard data you need to explore other time management apps. The free version gives tracking data, the most useful information, but the paid version has a variety of helpful bells and whistles to achieve your goals.
    Not as much as an app as a technique, Pomodoro is a style of managing time in 25-minute increments with 5 minutes set as a "break". There are countless free and paid apps that provide variations on this concept with varying levels of extra features, slick execution, or variable settings. Simply search for Pomodoro in your device's app store and find one that suits your needs, or get a simple kitchen timer/phone timer and set it to 25 minutes. Get to work!