Studying Spaces

Space shapes thought. The space you choose to study in will affect how well you learn and retain the information. If you work someplace distracting, you will be distracted. If you are distracted by not having distractions, then a solitary place may be too difficult to stay focused. Boston has hundreds of little nooks and crannies to study in, so find the spot that fits your needs.

Suggested Study Spaces

  • The Sawyer Library: Whether you like group study, high-traffic areas, or a nook in the back corner, the library can give you the space you prefer. They also have printing, reference librarians, and the CLAS for in-person help.
  • A Coffee shop: If you like having people around you without getting bothered, a coffee shop is a great place to work. A cup of coffee when you get tired doesn't hurt, either!
  • The Train: If you commute a lot or have a long ride, the train can be a very productive place. This is especially true when you are riding the train on a schedule because your body begins to adjust to "study time" and you become more productive.
  • Your Residence Hall/Home: If you can find a way to be productive with friends/roommates around, your home can be a productive zone. It is highly recommended that you do not try to study on your bed because you can easily get tired or when you try to go to sleep you can't fall asleep.
  • The Boston Public Library: Do you study well in a quiet place but the Sawyer Library is full? Go to Copley and grab a desk at the Boston Public Library. With many nooks and crannies and the iconic Bates Hall, the BPL is far enough but not too far to find solace.