Studying Partners

It is important in many cultures to succeed on your own and to make your own future. There is nothing wrong with that view, however, it does not imply that you work by yourself to achieve your goals. Finding partners in your academics is a way to study smarter.

Finding the right partners may be a challenge, admittedly. To partner well with another requires you to know yourself. Do you get distracted easily? Perhaps you should partner with someone who likes to stay on track. Do you get bored by reading only from a book? Find someone who would tutor or teach you the content. The CLAS has tutors who are fantastic learning partners, no matter if you are struggling, excelling, or just okay.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to find a good learning partner:

  1. How have you studied in the past and what has gone well or not so well?
  2. What partnerships in the past (in any area) were particularly productive or not productive?
  3. Are there any people that you already see somewhat often in your classes? Do you share a major/interest with someone?
  4. If you could have an ideal academic partner, what kinds of things would they do/look for from you?

Don't forget that your professors might turn out to be great learning partners and could blossom into a friendship, a job, or something completely unexpected.