Equipment & Services


Entrance level of Sawyer Library.

Research desktops print to Res01, Res02, Res03.

Research desktops include:

  • Internet access
  • MS Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint
  • Printing
  • Headphone jacks
  • USB Port

Entrance level of library.

Dell desktop research stations connect to networked HP Laserjet M603 printers.

Desktops may print to any of the 3 HP Laserjet M603 printers: Res01, Res02, or Res03.

Set printer destination after you hit the "Print" button.

All library printers are capable of duplex printing.

The Bloomberg integrated platform is designed to deliver rich data across market sectors and workflows through one unified system. The following topics provide a guide to the logic that connects you to the data, news, analytics, and people that help you make fast, effective decisions.

Cheat Sheets are available to help you get started.

Check out more than 80 PC laptops and MacBooks at the Circulation/Reserves Desk for in-library-use.

Library laptops include:

  • Internet access
  • Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Printing to wireless printers Main01Main02, and Main03
  • DVD playback

Current students connect to the connect SU_Student_WPA2 wireless network inside the library.

For instructions on how to connect to the University's wireless network, visit the IT Service Desk wiki.

Library laptops print to stand-alone wireless printers: Main01 (green wall), Main02 (between columns), Main03 (windows) on the entrance level of the library.

Library laptops also print to Library3rdFloor (in the Library Commons) and Library4thFloor (near the photocopier).

Personal laptops may be configured to print to library wireless printers; library printers and PaperCut software must be installed on personal laptops.

For instructions on how to how to install PaperCut software and add library printers to your personal laptop, visit:

Entrance level of the library, near the elevators.

Quick Print stations are Read-Only computers.

Send finished Microsoft Office documents or PDFs to wireless library printers Main01,& Main02, and Main03.

Quick Print stations include:

  • Internet access
  • Printing without a required login

Third and fourth floors of library.

Catalog Stations allow students to conveniently browse our online library catalog, or check email.

See statuses, locations, and call numbers for:

  • books
  • periodicals (magazines, newspapers, journals)
  • microforms
  • DVDs
  • phone chargers
  • library laptops
  • Kindles

Check out Kindles at the Circulation desk.

Kindles may be borrowed for up to 28 days.

Renewals available if no other students are waiting for a Kindle.

One free Kindle book of your choice may be downloaded with the first checkout of a Kindle; books already owned by the library may not be downloaded.

A complete listing of our Kindle library may be viewed here.

Copy machines on all three main floors of the library.

Copies are $0.10 per sheet. Scan-to-USB is free.

Most copiers accept RAM Account funds from your Ram Card as payment.

Please note that Print Bucks are only used for printing and RAM Account funds are used for scanning and copying. You should have Print Bucks if you're an active student. Check your balance or add funds to your Print Bucks or RAM Account.


Many of the six seat group study room on the 3rd and 4th floors of the library are equipped with a 75" HDTV that has both wired and wireless connectivity and a button panel for control.

HDMI and Serial cables are available to be checked out at the Circulation Desk.

Third floor of library.

Digital microforms (both "film" and "fiche") may be printed, or saved to your USB drive.

Check out projectors at the Circulation/Reserves desk.

Projectors are In-Library-Use only, for two hours per use.

Project images on the white walls of group study rooms.


Your current Suffolk ID card—or Ram card—is also your library card.

Use your Ram card to check out books, reserve textbooks, laptops, phone chargers, etc.

Your Ram card's long barcode number is for borrowing books; the short 7-digit number is for off-campus access to online library databases.

Remote access to online databases is only available to current students of Suffolk University.

Sawyer Library's online catalog is a combined catalog that includes material at the Sawyer Library, the NESAD Library, the Law Library, and the Madrid Campus library.

2nd FL (entrance level)

  • Circulation/Reserve desk
  • Reference desk
  • PC Desktop Workstations
  • Library Laptops
  • Kindles
  • Quick Print Stations
  • Wireless Laptop Printers
  • Networked Desktop Printers
  • New Books Shelf
  • Reference Collection
  • Granary and King's Chapel Reading Rooms
  • Photocopiers/Scanners
  • Restrooms (Located outside the library)

3rd FL

  • Paper Periodicals and Newspaper Collection
  • Microfiche and Microfilm collections
  • DVD Collection
  • 13 Group Study Rooms
  • Granary Reading Room
  • Poetry Center for readings and events
  • Zieman Poetry Collection and Rare Book Room
  • Library Instruction Classroom
  • Library's IT Help Desk
  • Moakley Archive and Institute
  • Library Commons
  • PC Desktop Workstations
  • Wireless Printer
  • Photocopier/Scanner
  • Gender Inclusive Restrooms

4th FL

  • Circulating Book Collection (QUIET floor)
  • 14 Group Study Rooms
  • Granary and King's Chapel Reading Rooms
  • Vending Machines
  • Hot Water Machine
  • Photocopier/Scanner
  • Wireless Printer
  • Restrooms

The general circulating collection of the Sawyer Library includes more than 128,000 print volumes covering a wide range of subjects supporting the undergraduate and graduate curriculums.

The library has over 100,000 ebooks. Just like print books, ebooks are searchable in our online library catalog. While circulating books in print are checked out at the Circulation Desk, ebooks are accessed through a direct link in their respective catalog record page.

The library’s print collections are arranged by Library of Congress (LC) call numbers. LC numbers relate to the subject matter of the book. Books in Sawyer Library are arranged first by subject, and then alphabetically by author last name.

Circulating books are located on the third and fourth floors. Due to space constraints some books have been moved to the Sawyer Library Annex and off-site storage. Items from these locations can be requested and will be available for pick-up after a processing period.

Non-circulating periodicals - magazines, newspapers, print journals - are located on the third floor.

Non-circulating reference books are located on the second floor - entrance level - of the library.

  1. Books shelved on the third and fourth floors or retrieved from the Annex or from off-site storage may be borrowed for 28 days, plus two renewals.

  2. To borrow books, you must have a valid Suffolk ID.

  3. You may borrow an unlimited number of circulating books.

  4. Due dates are indicated on the card in the back of each book.

  5. Late books should be returned as soon as possible to make them available to others in the community.

  6. Use the My Library Account button on our library homepage to renew your books or view what books you have checked out.

Questions about the collection? Call the Circulation Desk (617) 573-8535.

You may renew your Sawyer Library books online.

You may renew each book twice.

Each book renewal is good for 28 days each.

  • At least one copy of all required textbooks for College of Arts and Sciences and Sawyer Business School courses are kept at the Circulation/Reserves Desk.
  • Supplemental course readings are also kept on reserve at the request of the faculty.
  • Course Evaluation Notebooks are kept on permanent reserve.
  • Current students, faculty, and staff get free admission to the MFA with a current university photo ID card.

Reserves materials may be used for two hours inside the library.

You must have a valid Suffolk University ID to use reserve materials.

Questions? Call the Circulation Desk (617) 573-8535.

View a complete listing of our Kindle library.

Patrons are encouraged to email the library ahead of time if checking out a Kindle for the first time. For more information on our Kindle Program, call the Circulation Department at 617-573-8535.

The borrower understands that they are liable for the care of the borrowed item and will be responsible for any damage or replacement costs incurred. No unauthorized items may be downloaded by the borrower.

Rules for Use

  • Kindles may be borrowed for up to 28 days. Two renewals are possible only if no other patrons are waiting.
  • Do not download any content or charge the kindle account without authorization from the Sawyer Library Staff.
  • One free ebook may be downloaded onto the kindle with your first checkout, granted we do not already own a physical copy of the book.
  • Please use common sense in care of your borrowed kindle. Avoid moisture, damage to the screen, and misplacing it.

The Sawyer Library has subscriptions to 11,000 bound journals volumes, and access to more than 19,000 journal titles in electronic format via our online catalog or via our eJournal Locator.

Our print journals are shelved on the third floor, arranged alphabetically on the shelf by title. Large size periodicals, such as newspapers, are located in the hanging folders at the end of the alphabetical ranges. Back files of a few bound journals are located in the third floor Granary Reading Room.

Additionally, many of our journal titles are available in microform. Periodicals and journals in microform are organized in microfilm and microfiche cabinets located on Level 3 are in order by the title of the journal or newspaper. Microform requires specific equipment; the Sawyer Library has two digital microform readers for reviewing articles, one of which has printing capability.

To find out what periodicals Sawyer Library owns, what format each is in, and where it is located, you may search the online catalog. Additionally, one may search for electronic journal titles using the "eJournal Locator," " or articles in "Databases by Subject" or the "A-Z List of Databases."

Periodicals cannot leave the library but may be photocopied. Questions? Call the Periodicals Office (617) 573-8414.

Search our DVD collection in the online library catalog!

  • Discs may be checked out for 7 days with a valid ID card.

Sawyer Library reference librarians have created dozens of help and research guides for student use when undertaking a research project. These list databases, print materials and reliable web resources. Visit our LibGuides collection at

Additionally, the Mildred F. Sawyer Library offers in-class sessions and Web-based, self-paced instruction modules to help students effectively and efficiently search, retrieve and evaluate information, and use it ethically. We encourage faculty to contact us about Library Instruction for any class including a research component.

The Sawyer Library seats 500 students in several seating areas and seating styles. The 9th floor Library Commons has additional study rooms, tables, and comfortable chairs.

Individual study carrels and tables are located throughout the library on a first come, first served basis. Carrels and tables provide easy access to an electrical outlet and a wired network jack for each seat.

There are twenty-seven group study rooms on the third and fourth floors; the 20 six-seat group study rooms can be reserved via a reservation link from the library's home page. HDTV monitors and dataports are available in many of the group study rooms. A limited number of projectors for use inside the group study rooms is available from the Circulation Desk.

There are also reading areas with comfortable seating throughout the library. The Granary Reading Rooms, located on each floor, includes lounge seating and working fireplaces, with views of the adjacent burial ground and Tremont Street.

Level 4 of the library is for quiet study. Talking is permitted on Levels 2 and 3 and in the 27 group study rooms.

  • The Library has more than 80 laptops for use within the library; laptops can be checked out at the Circulation desk.

  • You must have a valid student ID card from Suffolk University to check out a library laptop.

  • Laptops are either PCs or MacBooks.

  • Library Laptops print to wireless laptop printers Main01, Main02, and Main03. The wireless laptop printers are located on the entrance level of the library.

  • Library laptops include productivity software like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.

  • For instruction on the use of productivity software, please see staff in Suffolk computers labs.

  • Additional tech support for laptops - including student personal laptops - is available through the University ITS Help Desk.

  • Students are encouraged to bring their personal laptops to the Library!
  • Sawyer Library provides a 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network throughout the library.
  • Wi-fi signal and strength are monitored and maintained by the University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department.
  • Students login to the WPA2 secure Library wireless network using their Suffolk University email name and related password.
  • Students may print to three wireless laptop printers located on the library's entrance level.
  • Please see online instructions for configuring personal laptops to access the library’s printers and PaperCut software.
  • Alternatively, ITS will configure personal laptops for wireless library printing.

Our 3rd floor library instruction room is reserved for library instruction and information literacy classes.

Faculty: Schedule a library instruction session for your class today!

In your highly customized library instruction session, a reference librarian may cover:

  • How to successfully search online library databases for scholarly article content.

  • How to use online reference resources like e-encyclopedias and handbooks.

  • How to successfully search the online library catalog for books, ebooks, and periodicals.

  • How to separate a literature review from an original research article.

  • How to track the cited references of a published article.

  • How Google and Wikipedia differ from online library databases and authoritative reference sources.

For more information about library instruction, email the Reference Librarians: [email protected]

The Suffolk University Law Library entrance is located on the sixth floor of the Sargent Building on Tremont Street. College of Arts and Sciences and Sawyer Business School students may use materials and check out books. However, College and Sawyer students must present their valid University ID to enter the Law Library or use their materials.

Suffolk belongs to a cooperative of area libraries. Suffolk students may use these collections and check out circulating books from them with their Suffolk University IDs. Member libraries include Simmons, Emerson, Lesley, Emmanuel, Mass Art, Wheelock, Wentworth and UMASS/Boston.

Visit the FLO website to see a list of libraries in FLO, to get directions, or to browse member library catalogs.