Policies & Procedures

Circulation Policies

You must have a valid, current Suffolk University ID to borrow a book. Periodicals and reference books may not be borrowed.

A book may be renewed three times. Each renewal period is 28 days.

Renew books online: click the My Library Account button on our library homepage.

Renew books in-person: bring your books to the Circulation Desk for renewal.

A book may be recalled after 14 days if requested by someone else.

If a book is not returned when it is due, an overdue notice will be sent requesting the return of the book within 10 days of the date on the notice. If the book is not returned after the 10 days, a bill will be sent for the replacement value of the book plus a $20.00 processing fee. In lieu of paying the replacement fee plus $20.00 processing fee, patrons may submit a new copy in good condition of the missing book instead. All fees will be added to the patron’s Student Account and must be paid to Student Accounts, not the library. Fines and fees may be waived at the discretion of Sawyer Library staff. Failure to pay outstanding fees to Student Accounts may impact a student’s ability to graduate.

Due to high demand for books on Reserve, patrons are asked not to check out books they know to be required for a class. Patrons who have checked out books that have later been designated to be put on Reserve will be notified that the book must be returned to the library as per the recall policy above. Failure to return a book designated for Reserve within 10 days of the recall notice may result in the cost of a replacement book plus a $20.00 processing fee to be assessed to the patron’s Student Account.

InterLibrary Loan and Document Delivery Policies

Sawyer Library happily provides document delivery (ILL) services to members of the CAS and SBS Suffolk Community. We will attempt to obtain any material needed for academic research that the Suffolk Libraries do not already own or have direct access to.

More information can be found under Library Services, on the ILL page.

Usage of the Library’s Instruction Lab

The Sawyer Library’s Instruction Room is primarily for the use of classes being instructed by library staff in research methods and the effective use of Sawyer Library information resources.

Because library classes are scheduled (sometimes at short notice) at the request of the academic faculty throughout the semester, no courses can be scheduled in the room on a regular, recurring, basis. The room is kept locked when not in use.

The room may be reserved for instructors occasionally requiring the use of electronic resources, although software and specialized applications cannot be installed on any Instruction Room machines. To reserve the Instruction Room for a single class use, please call the Reference Department (617-573-8532) during desk hours. At least 24 hours advance notice must be provided and all use of the room by faculty is contingent on previously scheduled library instruction appointments and the availability of library staff for room support.

Shooting Still Photography and Video/Film and/or Gathering Comments in the Library

Although we are proud of Sawyer Library and are happy to have it showcased, the library must be recognized as primarily an educational resource dedicated to scholarly collaboration and quiet study. Since various forms of photography can be both disruptive and invasive, the library must ask that those interested in shooting in the library cooperate with the following conditions to preserve the integrity of Sawyer Library as a learning space and also to maintain the privacy of those who are studying here.

Casual Photography

If you are doing casual photography--you are a family making an evaluative "college visit" or a student who wants to send photos or video of the library home to friends--there should be no problem with this sort of shooting. Whenever possible, please shoot the place and not the people (this shows a respect the privacy of students and staff), and avoid the use of flash and loud video narration.

Note: Library Staff reserves the right to stop any photography if it does prove to be disruptive to student or faculty studying here.

Serious, Organized, or Professional Level Shooting in the Library

Any shooting in the library that involves significant equipment (Professional Cameras, Lights, Reflectors, Shades, Power Cords, Pulleys, etc.) or requires the use of a large area of the library, or which would require a disruptive level of light or sound, MUST be approved by the library director. Please email your request at least one week prior to the library shoot. (Note: this is the main library email address; the request will be sent internally to the library director for further review.)

It must be understood that permission is likely to be granted only during slower hours of the day or periods during the year. Understandably, no such permission will be granted during peak-use periods like term-paper season or finals week.

If students (or other individuals in the library) are to be included in either still or video photography, it must be with the permission of said individuals, as recorded through the use of the Office of University Communications' Release Form. Supervisory library staff has the right to see such release forms at the time of the shoot.

Even if initial permission is granted for the shoot, the library director (or the supervisor of the circulation or the reference librarian on duty, in his absence) always has the right to suspend any shoot if staff deem the shooting to be a danger or major disruption for students trying to study, or if any damage is being done to the physical space or to the Sawyer Library’s equipment or collections.

Alumni Access to Licensed/Subscription Library Databases

Because of copyright licensing agreements with the information vendors, these databases are available only to current students and faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Sawyer Business School.

For more information, please see the Library Services for Alumni.

Sawyer Library Posting Policy

  • Sawyer Library maintains three Unrestricted bulletin boards within the library. These are the only pre-approved locations for posting flyers. Please contact Jennifer Blakely, Head of Access Services, to approve any other posting location.
  • Flyers may not be posted on any library display cases, windows, doors, tables, walls, elevator doors, or within elevators or bathrooms. If found, they will be removed.
  • Only one copy of an SLI stamped flyer may be posted on each bulletin board at any time. (Max 3 flyers posted, one on each bulletin board.)
  • Organizations or clubs must remove their expired flyers from the library, after their event. Violators of this policy will have their advertising rights restricted.
  • For special posting requests, please contact Jennifer Blakely, Head of Access Services.