Am I eligible to participate?

You may be eligible for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits if you:
  • served at least 90 aggregate days on active duty after September 10, 2001, and are still on active duty.
  • were honorably discharged from active duty.
  • were released from active duty and placed on the retired list or temporary disability retired list.
  • were released from active duty and transferred to the Fleet Reserve or Fleet Marine Corps Reserve.
  • were released from active duty for further service in a reserve component of the Armed Forces.
  • were honorably discharged from active duty for a service-connected disability and served 30 continuous days after September 10, 2001.

For how long am I eligible?

You will be eligible for these benefits for 15 years from your last period of active duty of at least 90 consecutive days or from your release for a service-connected disability after at least 30 days of continuous service.

Does my eligibility guarantee admission to Suffolk University?

No, eligibility for GI Bill benefits does not mean automatic admission into Suffolk University. You must meet the admissions requirements and be accepted to the Suffolk program to which you apply.  

For undergraduate programs, contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

For graduate programs, contact the Office of Graduate Admission.

How do I apply for the Post 911 GI Bill?

You may complete and submit your application online. Be sure to save your confirmation number! You may also call 1.888.GI.BILL1 (1-888-442-4551) to have a form mailed to you.

What steps do I have to complete to make sure I receive my benefits?

Apply for benefits with the VA department. Make sure you provide the certifying official in the registrar’s office a copy of your certificate of eligibility, DD-214 (discharge papers), and your benefits application. Register for classes and notify the certifying official.

When can I apply for Yellow Ribbon grants?

If you are 100% eligible for the Post 911 GI Bill and have been accepted to Suffolk University, contact the Office of the Registrar at 617-573-8430 for information on getting Yellow Ribbon benefits.

Am I guaranteed Yellow Ribbon benefits?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 617-573-8430 for more information on this topic.

Do I need enrollment certification to receive GI Bill benefits?

Once you have enrolled in classes at Suffolk, you will need the University to certify this enrollment so that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may process your payments.

How will my tuition be paid and what happens if the VA payments don’t come through?

The VA will process payments directly to Suffolk University. You will need to ensure that all of your documentation is in order so that Suffolk may receive payments on your behalf. In the event you learn that you are not entitled to VA payments, you will be responsible for any outstanding account balances at Suffolk.

If you have any questions on how your Veteran Benefits are applied to your tuition, please contact the certifying official in the Office of the Bursar at 617-573-8407.

Can I apply for Suffolk financial aid if I’m eligible for participation in a VA educational benefits program?

Yes, students who receive VA educational benefits may apply for aid. However, certain VA benefit recipients may only be considered for Pell Grants, state entitlement grants, Federal Direct loan, PLUS, and alternative loan options. University policy stipulates:

“Suffolk University students may be eligible to participate in the Yellow Ribbon or other VA education benefits programs. In such cases, Suffolk will meet any and all required VA matching funding obligations with institutional student aid dollars. These students may be eligible for Pell Grants, state grants, outside scholarships, Stafford, PLUS, and alternative loans (i.e. MEFA). Institutional funds will not be awarded to these students to cover costs beyond full tuition, fees, and average book charges (currently estimated at $900– $1,000 annually).”

For additional information on application procedures and deadlines, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 617.573.8470.

If I was awarded financial aid then learned I was eligible for participation in a VA educational benefits program, what will happen to my original Suffolk award offer?

It will have to be reviewed and possibly revised. Please refer to the University policy above. For specific details on your award offer and potential revisions to it, be sure to contact your financial aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Services.

I need to drop a course. How will this affect my VA benefits?

This is an important issue that you need ask the Veterans Administration. You can reach a VA representative at 1.888.442.4551.

Does Suffolk offer specific services for military and veteran students?

The Dean of Students Office coordinates campus services specifically for all veterans and military students. They can be reached at 617.573.8239. Learn more information about the Division of Student Affairs and its many offices.