Academic Standing Committees

Suffolk University's Academic Standing Committees review the academic standing policies for College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) undergraduate and graduate programs and engage in the regular review of students in academic jeopardy. Undergraduate committee members are appointed by each department in the College. The graduate committee comprises all graduate program directors.


Undergraduate Academic Standing Committee Members

Name Department
Lenzie, Sharon, Convener Dean's Office
Bellinger, Robert History
Bellone, Eric Political Science & Legal Studies
Chisholm, Darlene Economics
Del Prete, Anthony Athletics
Dewar, Eric Biology
Downey, Orla Center for Learning & Academic Success
Gallant, David Undergraduate Academic Advising Center
Hogan, Patricia CUES
Lally, Mary Registrar's Office
Leyva, Viviana International Student Services
Link, Montgomery Philosophy
Madmoni-Gerber, Shoshana CJN-Media
Martin, Lydia Art & Design
McKinley, Marlene English
Moreno, Iani WLCS
Newton, Shawn Student Affairs Office
Pavlac, Margaret  Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Plotkins, Marilyn Theatre
Preiss, Richard CJN
Schwartz, Sarah Psychology
Secci, Jane ADPR
Shatz, Lisa Physics & Engineering
Wiltz, Felicia Sociology & Criminal Justice
Xu, Zhiyong Math & Computer Science


Graduate Academic Standing Committee Members 

Name Office or Program
Lenzie, Sharon, Convener Dean's Office
Boone, Gloria Communication
Bursik, Krisanne (Convener) Dean's Office
DiBiase, Rosemarie Applied Developmental Psychology
Kitz, Keith  Graphic Design 
Lally, Mary Registrar's Office
Liverant, Gabrielle Psychology
Nyamwanda, Jacky Medical Dosimetry
Sered, Susan Crime & Justice Studies
Shumaker, David Mental Health Counseling
Siegel, Michael Administration of Higher Education
Solley, Sean Interior Architecture