CAS Honors Faculty Advisory Committee

The Honors Faculty Advisory Committee (HFAC) develops, reviews, and revises honors requirements for students to complete CAS degrees as CAS Honors Scholars, as well as the mission, definitions and learning outcomes for honors education in the College. The committee also serves in an advisory role to administrators who oversee the program, offering perspectives on recruiting, programming, alumni outreach, and other honors-related issues. Finally, the HFAC serves to coordinate and share best practices for honors in the majors. Members of the HFAC evaluate students and their work for prizes and awards and may serve as occasional mentors to honors students in need of particular expertise.

The HFAC is chaired by the director of the CAS Honors Program. Each year all departments are invited to send a faculty representative to the committee. The director of the honors program may also invite additional faculty to ensure representation from diverse disciplinary areas or from relevant programs. Faculty who are present are voting members of the committee. Ex officio members of the HFAC include the president and the vice-president of the student Honors Council (or their representatives) as well as representatives from university offices and services as invited by the director of the honors program. These representatives currently include an assistant dean, a representative from the Division of Student Success, a representative from the Sawyer Library, and a representative from the Office of Admissions.

CAS Honors Faculty Advisory Committee Members

Name Department
Alessandri, Susan Advertising, Public Relations & Social Media
Bonikowski, Wyatt English
Couloute, Lucius Sociology & Criminal Justice 
Denzak, Brian (ex officio) Admissions
Enyedy, Edith Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environment & Physics
Flaherty, Mary Political Science & Legal Studies
Gallant, David (ex officio) Undergraduate Advising
Griffis, Sarah (ex officio) Sawyer Library 
Jerram, Matthew Psychology
Kelly, Cortney (ex officio)
Dean's Office
Lenzie, Sharon (ex officio) Dean's Office
Mallia, Kristen Art & Design
Moreno, Iani History, Language & Global Culture
O’Seaghdha, Maghnus
Sheikholeslami, Azadeh Mathematics & Computer Science
Sparks, Edie (ex officio) Dean's office
Stern, Heather Theatre
Tang, Sarah Economics
Van Gilder, Bobbi Communication, Journalism & Media