CAS Honors Faculty Advisory Committee

The Honors Faculty Advisory Committee at Suffolk University develops and reviews honors requirements for students planning College of Arts & Sciences degrees and majors. The committee also serves in an advisory role to administrators who oversee the program, offering perspectives on recruiting, programming, alumni outreach, and other honors-related issues. Members are appointed.

CAS Honors Faculty Advisory Committee Members

Name Department
Alessandri, Susan ADPR
Baek, Inmee Economics
Berkmen, Melanie Chemistry & Biochemistry
Carragee, Kevin Communication, Journalism, & Media
Celovsky, Lisa Dean's Office
Eckel, Leslie English
Finnigan, Jennifer Admissions
Gallant, David (ex officio) Undergraduate Advising
Goldstein, Audrey Art and Design
Holley, John Sociology
Lasdow, Katy  History 
Lenzie, Sharon (ex officio) Dean's Office
Llaudet, Elena Political Science & Legal Studies
Melenovsky, Chris Philosophy
Orsillo, Susan Psychology
Peterson, Celeste Biology
Smith, Sarah (ex officio) Sawyer Library
Stefanescu, Dan Math & Computer Science