Committee for Teaching & Scholarly Development

The Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development (CTSD) solicits and reviews proposals for a number of competitive faculty development programs administered by CAS. These include applications for summer research stipends, course development stipends, and course release awards. The Committee also reviews faculty requests for funding to employ research assistants through the Faculty Research Assistant Program (FRAP) and the summer FRAP (SFRAP) programs.

Six tenured or tenure-track members of the CAS faculty are appointed by the Dean for two-year terms, with two members representing each division; an appointment may be renewed a second term. A CAS associate dean, designated by the Dean, serves as convener (non-voting), and manages proposal submission, review, and communication regarding funding decisions.

During the term of service, committee members are not eligible to apply for awards that involve direct funding or release time to the faculty member. All committee recommendations are advisory to the dean of CAS.

Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development Members

Name Department
Bursik, Krisanne, Convener Dean's Office  
DiBiase, Rosemarie Psychology
McGrath, Thomas History, Language & Global Culture
Mohtadi, Shahruz
Peterson, Celeste Biology
Trabold, Bryan English
Zinoviev, Dmitry Mathematics & Computer Science

Teaching and Scholarly Development Award Recipients 2021-2022

Summer Research Stipends
Arbeit, Miriam Psychology 
Hilliard, Lacey Psychology
Hudson, Hannah English
Kaiser, Jonas Communication, Journalism & Media 
Lee, Micky Communication, Journalism & Media 
Miller, Quentin English 
Monticello, Amy English 
O'Seaghdha, Maghnus Biology
Van Gilder, Bobbi Communication, Journalism & Media 
Anderson, Ilona  Art & Design 
Berkmen, Melanie Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Hudson, Hannah English 
Melenovsky, Chris Philosophy 
Nichter, Susan Art & Design 
Summer FRAP
Hilliard, Lacey Psychology 
Hudson, Hannah English 
Kaiser, Jones Communication, Journalism & Media 
Melenovsky, Chris Philosophy 
O'Seaghdha, Maghnus Biology
Reeve, Pat History, Language & Global Culture 
Schiebel, Hayley Chemistry & Biochemistry 
Tang, Sarah Economics 
Course Development Stipends
Lysiak, Nadine Biology