Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) shall:

  • propose policy or revisions of existing policies concerning curriculum, standards for earning degrees, examinations, and academic standards to the Faculty Assembly.
  • conduct curriculum and governance reviews of any academic changes affecting other departments or the College as a whole.
  • appraise continuously and, when appropriate, propose to the Faculty Assembly changes in the educational policies and programs of the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • review and evaluate proposed and potential innovations in education and teaching in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • make its minutes and supporting documents available to the faculty in a timely manner.
  • interpret broadly its duties and responsibilities.

The Committee shall consist of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, an associate dean designated by the dean, and one elected faculty member representative from each department of the College.

EPC Members

Name Department
Araguz, José
Berkmen, Melanie
Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environment & Physics
Boone, Gloria, Speaker
Advertising, Public Relations & Social Media
Carella, Sandro Art & Design 
Fitzgerald, Barry Political Science & Legal Studies
Herrup, Mocha Communication, Journalism & Media
Jun, Jongbyung Economics 
McKinney, Rachel Philosophy
Medvide, Mary-Beth Psychology
Merril, Carl Biology 
Nolfo-Clements, Lauren Dean's Office
Savick, Wes Theater 
Siegel, Mike Sociology & Criminal Justice 
Sparks, Edie
Dean’s Office
Suleski, Ron
History, Language & Global Culture
Xinoview, Dmitry Mathematics & Computer Science