Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) proposes new academic policies or revisions of existing policies to the College of Arts & Sciences Faculty Assembly; engages in curriculum and governance review; appraises changes in educational policies and programs; and reviews proposed and potential innovations in education and teaching. The EPC comprises one elected faculty representative from each CAS department.

EPC Members

Name Department
Berkmen, Melanie
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ben-Josef Hirsch, Michal
Political Science & Legal Studies
Bursik, Krisanne   Dean's Office  
Geisler, Deborah CJN-Media
Hudson, Hannah English
Irizarry, Cindy
Advertising, Public Relations & Social Media
Jiang, Xinxin Math & Computer Science
McMickens, Tryan Education
Medvide, Mary Beth
Melenovsky, Chris Philosophy
Merrill, Carl Biology
Mohtadi, Shahruz Economics
Monteiro, Carlos Sociology & Criminal Justice
Moreno, Iani WLCS
Novick, Steve Art & Design
Schiebel, Hayley, Speaker CUES
Shink, Laura Theatre
Suleski, Ron
Toyoda, Maria Dean's Office
Ziad, Mostapha