The Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development (CTSD) solicits and reviews proposals from eligible faculty for Summer Research Stipends, Course Development Stipends, and Course Release Awards. The CTSD makes yearly recommendations to the dean; members are appointed. During their two-year term, committee members are ineligible to apply for CTSD awards. 

Committee for Teaching and Scholarly Development Members 2018-2019

Name  Department
Dewar, Eric   Biology
Eckel, Leslie  English
Greenberg, Kenneth History
Johnson, Walter Physics & Engineering
Moreno, Iani, Chair World Languages & Cultural Studies
Sered, Susan Sociology
Thurston, Randal  Art & Design
Bursik, Krisanne  Dean's Office (ex officio)

2017-2018 Teaching and Scholarly Development Award Recipients

Summer Research Stipends
Anderson, Ilona NESAD
Armbruster, Elif English
Ben-Josef Hirsch, Michal Government
Hudson, Hannah English
Iyall Smith, Keri Sociology
Llaudet, Elena Government
Marks, Amy Psychology
McGehee, Annette Biology
Monticello, Amy English
O'Seaghdha, Maghnus Biology
Sered, Susan Sociology
Wicht, Denyce Chemistry
Xu, Zhiyong Math & Computer Science
Course Release Awards 
Madmoni-Gerber, Shoshana Communication & Journalism
Veloria, Carmen Sociology
Course Development Stipends 
Bonikowski, Wyatt English
Harkins, Debra Psychology
Lee, Micky Communication & Journalism
Moreno, Iani World Languages & Cultural Studies