Immunization Requirements

Student Immunization Requirements

Student Immunization Requirements

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires proof of certain immunization for specific student populations in Post-Secondary Institutes of Higher Education.

All students enrolled in a full-time academic program, health science students, and all international students are required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to submit certain immunization records to Suffolk University upon enrollment.

Follow these instructions to complete the immunization requirements: 

  1. Review the Required Immunizations [PDF] for a thorough explanation of what is required and what alternatives are acceptable for each (i.e. titer results).
  2. Have a licensed health provider complete the Required Immunization Form [PDF] or obtain documentation (medical records accessed through your patient health portal for example) of each immunization you received or acceptable alternative. Scan or take a photo of your documentation and submit it electronically via the student health portal (see step 3) to be reviewed and approved by CHW staff.
  3. Log into CHW’s secure Student Health Portal using your Suffolk login credentials (same as your Suffolk email login name/password) and follow the instructions to input your immunization history and upload the required documentation.
  4. REMINDER: Students must also follow instructions to accept or waive Suffolk’s student health insurance policy and all new students must complete certain education requirements.

If a CHW Health Services registration hold has been placed on your registration this means that you have not met all of the immunization requirements.

This is the result of one or more of the following:

  • You have not uploaded all of your immunization records through the student health portal
  • The documentation you have provided is incomplete or inaccurate
  • You are due for the next shot in a series or need a booster shot to once again become compliant

CHW Health will notify you via your Suffolk email and through the student health portal in advance of the registration period if you are missing immunization requirements. If you have any questions about what information is missing, please login to the Student Health Portal and review your records.