Services and Appointments

Medical Services

Our healthcare services and programs are available to all registered Suffolk University students and include:

  • Physical exams
  • Diagnostic testing and blood work
  • Treatment of acute illness and injury
  • Prescriptions when appropriate
  • Vaccine administration, including flu shots
  • Testing, diagnosis and treatment of STDs
  • Contraceptive management, pregnancy testing, counseling and emergency contraception
  • COVID-19 related services
  • Preventative healthcare
  • Health education, including nutrition and concerns about disordered eating
  • Sports physicals and other routine exams
  • Travel guidance
  • Screening services, including tuberculosis testing/PPD
  • Referral to specialty medical practices in the Boston area

Medical Appointments

To schedule a medical advice phone visit, a same day sick visit, or a non-urgent medical visit with a CHW medical provider, go to the student health portal and follow the instructions found there. Same-day appointment slots become available at 8:00 a.m. every day, but several types of appointments can be made in advance (no more than 72 hours). Medical advice phone visit and medical appointments are conducted Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

In the case of a medical advice phone visit, the student will receive a call from the medical provider at the time they have chosen. If a face-to-face visit is necessary, and the medical provider deems it safe and appropriate, the student will be assigned a time to come to the CHW clinic in-person. Students may also be referred to off-campus providers for in-person services as appropriate.

In the case of a same day sick visit or a non-urgent medical visit, the student may receive a call in advance of the time they have chosen to come to the clinic to answer some screening questions.

Students are responsible for providing their preferred phone number by sending a secure message to the CHW medical provider with whom they have scheduled a medical advice phone visit via the student health portal. CHW medical providers will provide Zoom links for video-appointments via secure message to the student as needed.

Reproductive Healthcare at CHW

CHW offers reproductive healthcare for all students. In addition to routine care and contraception, CHW offers pregnancy testing and unbiased counseling to patients on all reproductive healthcare options. Abortion remains safe and legal in Massachusetts and we affirm an individual's right to choose personal and private healthcare services related to pregnancy or other reproductive health concerns. CHW will continue to provide services and facilitate referrals to partnering agencies consistent with each student’s choice(s). Going forward, CHW will continue to provide reproductive healthcare services in accordance with Massachusetts law. CHW counseling providers are also available to support students as needed regarding reproductive healthcare decisions or concerns.

Students seeking reproductive healthcare related to pregnancy from community providers should review information provided by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office. Not all agencies offering crisis pregnancy services offer unbiased healthcare options. Students can learn more about how to evaluate community agencies by reading the notice from the Massachusetts Attorney General.

Suffolk’s BCBS healthcare plan has announced new coverage options related to reproductive healthcare. These benefits are available to students enrolled in Suffolk’s BCBS plan.