Parents and Guardians

Ram Card

Ram Card is your student’s key to Suffolk! This is their official university ID card used for printing, purchases and access to all campus buildings. Visit the Ram Card page for more information.

GET Service Portal

The GET Service Portal allows students to view and manage Ram Card transactions and funds. Students can view their transaction history and account balances, add/manage funds, order food at on-campus dining halls, upload their ID photo, and discover off-campus merchants. Parents, guardians and relatives can add funds to their student's accounts through the parent and guardian login.

Adding Funds to Student Accounts as a Parent/Guardian

How to add funds to your student’s accounts:

Online via GET Service Portal

Deposit funds into your Ram Account online using a U.S. credit or debit card. Funds deposited online are credited to the student’s Ram Account or Café Cash immediately. Using the parent/guardian portal, enter two zeros followed by your student's seven-digit ID number. Confirm the student’s name on the following screen. Then, select the amount you wish to deposit.


If mailing a check, include the student’s name, ID number and account type (RAM Account or Café Cash) and mail it to:

Student Account Services
c/o John Connors
73 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108

Suffolk University does not accept cash deposits via mail. Students can deposit cash on campus using the Ram Card ValuePort, located on the third floor of the Sawyer building. Please note: Meal plans are not eligible for transfers, withdrawals or refunds once elected.

Meal Plan & Student Accounts

Student Accounts

Ram Cards contain four student accounts, Ram Account, Café Cash, meal plans, and Print Bucks. Each of the four student accounts has its own designated purpose. Funds are not transferrable between accounts, are not available for withdrawal, and are not refundable.

Meal Plans

Meal Plans can only be used at on-campus dining halls for food purchases only. Only residential students are eligible for meal plans. Meal plan funds roll over from fall to spring semester and expire after the spring semester ends. Meal plans are listed as ‘Food Points’ in the GET Portal. Meal plans cannot be modified once elected. For more information on meal plans, look through the Meal Plan FAQ.

Café Cash

Funds can only be used at on-campus dining halls for food purchases only. Café Cash is open to both residential and commuter students. A 10% bonus is added into the account when funds are added. Café Cash does not expire. If the student has exhausted their meal plan, add funds to Café Cash.

Print Bucks

Funds can only be used for on-campus printing purchases through an on-campus printing station. Students are allotted a set amount of funds per academic year by the university. Print Bucks expire at the end of the academic year. Funds cannot be deposited into the Print Bucks account. If your student needs more funds for printing, add funds to Ram Account. More information about on-campus printing rules, instructions and locations are available.

Ram Account

Funds can be used for any type of purchase and can be used at all on-campus locations and all participating off-campus locations. Ram Account is the only account that can be used to make purchases off-campus. Ram Account funds do not expire.

Student Account Terms and Conditions

You may pay for purchases using Ram Account funds as long as you are a member of the Suffolk community. Ram Account funds roll over from semester to semester and from year to year. There are no fees associated with the Ram Account. Ram Account funds, however, are not available for cash withdrawal. Upon graduating from or leaving Suffolk University, or after 24 months of inactivity, you will forfeit any remaining Ram Account funds. Ram Account deposits are nonrefundable.

Parent FAQ’s

Where can students use their Ram Card to make purchases?

Students can make purchases with Ram Card at on-campus dining halls, vending machines, residential laundry facilities, printing locations, student services locations, and participating off-campus locations. For a full list of locations, check out our Participating Locations page.

What is the university’s ID card policy?

Suffolk University Police issue Suffolk ID cards (branded as Ram Cards) to all incoming students and employees. Students must carry their ID card at all times and present them upon the request of a Suffolk University official. ID cards are property of Suffolk University and are not transferable. More information about security access and your student's ID is available.

Your student’s Ram Card contains essential information such as their student ID number, library card number, and more! Ram Cards are required to access campus buildings, utilize meal plans, print on-campus, access residential laundry facilities, and more.

Read more about Suffolk University’s ID Card policy here: CAS & SBS  | Law 

My student has lost their card or had their card stolen. What can I do?

Students should report their Ram Card as lost or stolen through the GET app. You can also report a card as lost or stolen by emailing Campus Card Services. When contacting Card Services, include the student’s full name as listed on their Ram Card and their ID number.

Students must obtain a replacement card from Suffolk University Police as soon as possible. More information on lost or stolen cards is available.

My student is having issues with their card. Who should I contact?

For issues with Ram Card, please contact Campus Card Services by email or 617-570-4882.

My student is having issues with their meal plan or Café Cash. Who can I contact?

Meal Plans and Café Cash are a collaborative effort between Campus Card Services, Office of the Bursar (University Cashier), Residence Life, and our on-campus dining partner, Chartwells Higher Education. Please contact the appropriate office:

  • For meal plan issues with making transactions or payment at points of sale, contact Campus Card Services by email.
  • For meal plan issues with balances and refunds, please contact John Connors, University Cashier, by email or 617-573-8488.
  • For issues electing meal plans, please contact the Department of Residence Life and Housing by email or 617-305-2500.
  • For meal plan information and other meal plan issues, please contact our on-campus dining partner, Chartwells Higher Education, by email or visit their website.

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