SUPD Officer Training

SUPD police officers currently receive extensive training (and will continue to receive extensive training) in Community Policing related subject matter including Procedural Justice; Fair and Impartial Policing; Bias Free Policing; Cultural Diversity; Encounters with Emotionally Disturbed, Mentally Ill and Physically Disabled Persons; Mental Health First Aid; and Crisis Intervention.

SUPD police officers receive the same training as municipal police officers and are sworn Massachusetts Special State Police Officers. All sworn Officers are required to attend the police academy. Security Officers and Dispatchers are non-sworn. The following list outlines the ongoing training that Police Officers receive:

  • Mandatory SSPO annual training
    • Legal Updates
    • First Responder/CPR/AED/Narcan
    • Use of Force/Defensive Tactics
  • 21st Century Policing
    • Engaging the community
    • Building trust and legitimacy
    • Procedural Justice – Fair and Impartial Policing
    • Cultural Diversity
    • Recognizing and addressing implicit bias
  • De-escalation, Communications Skills
  • Responding to sexual assaults, domestic violence, harassment and stalking
  • Interacting with Emotionally Disturbed Persons -Mental Health First Aid
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Use of Force Policy review
  • Use of Force – Legal Authority, Legal Aspects