Operations Division

Lt. Nunez

Lt. Nunez is the operations commander of the Suffolk University Police & Security Department (SUPD). The operations division consists of the police, security and dispatch divisions of SUPD.

Patrol Division

move-in day

SUPD (Suffolk University Police Department) officers patrol the campus area 24/7/365, and respond to service calls in and around the campus. The campus are patrolled by walking routes, bicycle officers and vehicle patrols. Patrol Officers enforce campus rules and MGL (Massachusetts General Law).

Security Division

supd trainingsupd front-desk

Security officers are responsible for the access control of the campus buildings, and assist the community with ID/RamCard production and being the first faces many see as they travel through campus. Security officers enforce all university rules and regulations, and also staff the campus residence halls 24/7/365.

Dispatch Division

supd camera room

Dispatch is located at Sargent Hall, and is staffed 24/7/365.Dispatchers are charged with monitoring the the emergency and non-emergency phone calls, dispatching officers to calls, and monitoring the BAPERN (Boston Area Police Emergency Radio Network) and LiveSafe systems.