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Please check back here often – we will be uploading new training videos and making announcements about 25Live / room booking periodically!

What is 25Live?

25Live is the room scheduling software used by the Registrar’s Office, Conferences and Events Office, SLI and all of our campus service partners that use and maintain space like ITS and Media Services. Because it is a shared system we ask that you take time to review the training videos and rules and policies document before logging in to book a space.

25Live is cloud based and updates in real time, meaning, you will see your reservation booked in the system immediately after you save it. While there isn’t a downloadable app, 25Live works easily on most phones if you need to book on the go.

Even though rooms are available for self-booking, 25Live usage and room booking will still be managed by the Conference and Events Office and Registrar’s Office. All users of 25Live should be aware that booking privileges can be revoked at any time if a user fails to adhere to the 25Live policies [PDF].

Bookable Spaces

Users will be able to book conference rooms and classrooms in different campus buildings including*: Samia, Sawyer, Sargent, Stahl/73 Tremont.

Until add/drop period is over, users may only book space during activities period in classrooms. Conference rooms, however, are not restricted and are available for all day booking.

*Please note: Not all campus conference rooms and classrooms are available for self-booking. Event spaces such as Keches, The Commons, etc. must still be requested via the room reservation form as before. Event space requests will continue to be processed by the Conferences and Events Office.

Changes to your classroom (temporary or permanent) must still be processed by the Registrar’s Office.

Learn How to Book a Space (video)

Dates Available for Booking

Rooms for Fall (August through end of December) will be available for booking starting May 1.

Rooms for Spring/Summer (January through end of July) will be available for booking starting November 1.


Please contact the Conferences and Events Office for any questions about 25Live, available rooms, or booking procedures. Email us!

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