External Events

Suffolk University’s facilities can be made available for external events or conferences during the academic year.

While the types of events that can be held in the University’s facilities and the types of sponsors are broad, the University will give preference to externally-sponsored events that are one or more of the following: educational in nature; hosted by a non-profit entity (for-profit orgs. are welcome to seek space); or involve the Suffolk community in a meaningful way that supports the overall University mission.

To learn more about available event space, please email the Conferences and Events office for more information.

Suffolk Department Partnership or Co-Sponsorship of an External Event

University departments may wish to partner with outside organizations to co-sponsor events or conferences. For the event to be considered co-sponsored by a Suffolk University department and be eligible for a rental fee discount or waiver, the Suffolk person/department must agree to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the external group;
  • Reserve the appropriate space on campus through the Office of Conferences & Events;
  • Assist the external group with all event-related logistics, arrange site visits, and plan to be on-site the day of the event to respond to any client needs that may arise;
  • Contact University support departments on behalf of the external group to make arrangements;
  • If desired, actively promote the event to the target Suffolk audience through the appropriate means.

In such instances the Suffolk person/department should contact the Conferences & Events office to reserve space. Please be sure to mention the external partnership at the time of booking.

Role of The Office of Conferences & Events for Suffolk Co-Sponsored External Events

The role of The Office of Conferences & Events is to serve as a consultant to the University department and to create and obtain appropriate documentation from the external group.

As such, the Office of Conferences & Events shall:

  • Secure a contract with the external group on behalf of the University host;
  • Secure proof of appropriate insurance from the external group in the form of a Certificate of Insurance, with Suffolk named as additional insured;
  • Provide assistance and advice with reserving space at Suffolk facilities;
  • Provide support as needed to the University department. While The Office of Conferences & Events will not place catering orders, work orders, or other event-related orders for the University sponsor (as this is the responsibility of the sponsor), the Office is available to answer questions and assistance during the event planning process.

Note to the Suffolk Community Regarding External Events

Occasionally, a Suffolk University department, professor, administrator, or staff person may be contacted by an unaffiliated external group in search of space.

It is important for outside groups to go through the proper channels when requesting space on campus. If you are not planning to partner with this organization, please encourage them to contact Conferences & Events at 617-573-8096. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.