Performance Review Process

Managers and supervisors often meet with their employees throughout the year to review work expectations and discuss performance. At Suffolk, a formal evaluation is conducted once a year.

Below is a guide for managers and supervisors to complete the formal evaluation process for their staff members. Salary (Exempt) Staff are reviewed in June for the previous fiscal year. Hourly (Non-Exempt) Staff are reviewed on the anniversary date of their entry into their current position. The performance review templates for Hourly (Non-Exempt) Staff and Salaried (Exempt) Staff help to facilitate the discussion and document the performance review.

The templates provided have space for 5 key responsibilities. This section may be contracted or expanded, but it is recommended that there are no less than 3 or no more than 7 major responsibilities. Each should take a minimum of 10% of the staff member’s time over the course of the year.

Managers and supervisors may begin the process in a few different ways:

  1. List the key responsibilities based on knowledge of the job and/or job description;
  2. Meet together with each staff member to discuss major responsibilities, review the job description and agree on the key responsibilities; or
  3. Ask each staff member to identify key responsibilities.

After completing the job responsibilities section managers and supervisors should:

  1. Rate and comment on each job responsibility (these are talking points for discussion with staff member).
  2. Ask each staff member to independently self-rate and comment on each job responsibility (his/her talking points).
  3. Meet together to discuss each job responsibility and how each of you assess performance over the past year.
  4. Agree on learning/developmental plans that may be required during the next year in order to fully meet all job responsibilities.
  5. Based on the discussion, managers and supervisors will complete the appraisal. The review may be informed by the discussion with the employee, but it remains the manager’s or supervisor’s evaluation of performance.
  6. Forward the completed review to the staff member to add his/her comments in the “staff member’s comments” section of the template.
  7. Print, sign and return the completed review to the department’s human resources partner (either by scan or hard copy). Be sure to give a copy to the staff member.

Please contact your Human Resources Partner if you have any questions regarding the performance review process. If you do not know your Human Resources Partner's name or contact information, please contact Human Resources at 617-573-8415.