Academic Coaching

Academic coaching provides students with the skills, guidance, and support necessary for reaching long-term goals and overall achievement. Academic coaches work individually with students to clarify priorities and set milestones for success. Academic coaches share appropriate strategies, academic learning tools, and campus resources, enabling students to meet their full potential while at Suffolk and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the academic coaches?

Academic coaches are professional staff members of the CLAS who work with many Suffolk students throughout the year.

What happens during a coaching appointment?

Each meeting will be different based on what you need. The objective of each meeting is to assess how you have progressed since the last appointment, to set a new list of priorities for the coming week and to discuss the resources available to you. Everyone learns differently and we're here to help!

Who can use academic coaching?

You can! Academic Coaching is available to all undergraduate and graduate students at Suffolk.

Why should I meet with an academic coach?

Regular appointments with a coach may help you:

  • Boost your semester and cumulative GPA
  • Develop techniques to ease test anxiety
  • Strengthen study skills
  • Increase your awareness of other campus resources
  • Create specific action plan to achieve academic goals
  • Develop an effective time management system

What should I bring to my first coaching appointment?

You should bring the syllabi from your current courses. Also, any scheduling materials that you have (e.g., agendas, calendars, smartphones, etc.).

How do I schedule a meeting with an academic coach?

Appointments can be made by calling the CLAS at 617-573-8034 or in person at our center, located in 73 Tremont St., 9th floor.

How often should I meet with an academic coach?

This will be determined by you and your coach upon your first meeting. A weekly meeting is often recommended, although some students prefer to schedule a meeting every two weeks. If you require it, you may also choose to meet with your coach twice a week.

Seriously, does anyone really meet with an academic coach?

Yes they do! Academic coaches meet with an average of 250 students each semester.

But how do I know if this will help me?

You won't know the answer to this question until you give it a try! Remember that academic coaching is focused on helping good students get better. If you are committed to improving your GPA by meeting with a coach, you are well on the way to academic success! Here's what other students have said about academic coaching:

  • "I had a great coaching experience. I learned many new study skills and ways to manage my time. It was also helpful talking to someone other than friends, parents and professors about any issues that I had and even achievements!"
  • "My coaching experience was amazing! My coach was very helpful and always open to listening to me."
  • "At first I was very hesitant to meet with a coach, I even thought that I didn't need to meet with one, but once I met with a coach I found him to be very helpful."
  • "[My coach] was extremely helpful. She helped me to make the right choices, guided me and offered helpful suggestions for classes to take and scheduling. She helped me to get motivated and to do a lot better in my classes and she embraced and celebrated when my grades improved!"
  • "At first, I was in denial and did not think I needed a coach, but once I got a coach, I was more able to learn about my weaknesses and habits, how to handle school and class, and take up resources that the school offers. Very helpful experience for my tough academic year."

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