Early Alert

Everyone at Suffolk University has a vested interest in students doing well in their courses. The Early Alert Project exemplifies how Suffolk is an academic community, in every sense of the word. We come together to support those who are in need of assistance and to support student learning.

Early Alert for Students

You may have received an Early Alert for excessive absences, doing poorly on assignments/quizzes, or a professor thinks you may have a particular difficulty in the class. Whether or not it was out of the ordinary, Early Alert is a reality check from a professor who thinks you might benefit from some extra help. Typically students who struggle for any reason at the start of the semester will struggle again later in the semester and might fail the class.

What you should do:

  • Talk to your professor about your Early Alert. They submitted it because they care about your success. Connect with your professor to find out what may have caused them to submit an Early Alert.
  • Meet with an Academic Coach in the Division of Student Success. These professionals can help you really find out what is blocking your path and how to best clear it out of your way.
  • Visit tutoring, drop-in math/stats, writing support, or our workshops. These resources can really help you regain any lost footing so you can end the semester with an A.

To learn more about Early Alert, please contact Orla Downey at 617-573-8099.

Early Alert for Faculty

Faculty members looking to learn more about Early Alert should visit our Early Alert for Faculty page.