Graduate Student Services

Academic Coaching offers the opportunity for graduate students to hone their academic study skills and professional skills. Your Academic Coach will work with you to create an individualized semester plan. Each session will focus on your specific needs and goals as a student. In addition to academics, your coach with help you develop skills that are necessary for professional success. In one-on-one appointments coaches will help you build productive habits; tame your distractions so you can hyper focus; help you with decision making, efficient use of your time and organization.

Typical Coaching Session

Each student has specific goals and will create personal action plans. Topics may include:

  • Time Management and Accountability
  • Research Support
  • Study Skills at the Graduate Level

Learning is an evolving process and best study practices are developed constantly. Reading and research at the graduate level is more intense. A coaching session may include new strategies to take better notes and to handle a demanding work load. Coaching is a resource that can help acclimate students back into an academic environment after being away from school for some time. The team can help graduate students balance and prioritize all of their commitments, such as family, work and health.  

More Than A Classroom

Graduate School is more than textbooks and exams. Students may miss out on important supports, life altering opportunities and fun activities. There are many systems of support established by Suffolk University, and the academic coaches will help you navigate and engage in these arenas such as academic tutoring and research guides.

Also, organizations value professional skills that academic coaching promote including:

  • Decision Making
  • Confidence
  • Focus and Attention
  • Efficient organization

The coaching team is committed to help all Suffolk students bolster their self-advocacy and resiliency.

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