Academic Coaching & Tutoring

If you would like an academic coach, please email us and you will be assigned a coach. Your coach will be available in person, via zoom or phone, and will email you to determine what will work best for you.

You can schedule both in-person and online appointments by clicking the blue "Schedule an Appointment" button on the homepage of your Navigate account. Additionally, you can schedule by calling the CLAS at 617-573-8034 or by stopping by the front desk of the Division of Student Success on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont.

To learn more about the services the CLAS offers and see a demonstration of how to schedule an appointment using Navigate, check out this video.

Download the video transcript [PDF]

The CLAS offers a handful of English language workshops each week. You do not need an appointment to attend and are welcome to come and go each week as you are able.

You can learn more about weekly English language workshops here.

Online tutoring closely approximates the in-person tutoring experience. With application and document sharing, mark-up capabilities, and a virtual white board, you and your tutor can do just about anything you would do in an in-person session.

Yes! Our amazing staff of peer and professional tutors will be offering both in-person and online appointments.

Undergraduate Academic Advising

As Academic Advisors our role is to guide you through your academic journey.

Some of the services we can help you with are:

  • Course Registration & Schedules Changes
  • Major/Minor Exploration
  • Degree Planning
  • Study Abroad Course Selection
  • General Academic Concerns

Academic Advisors are available to meet with students via Zoom, phone or in person.

You can call the main office at 617-573-8034 or use Navigate to make an appointment. Before your scheduled appointment, the academic advisor will email you instructions with a link to your Zoom or phone appointment.

If you have a general advising question but don’t believe you will need a full appointment, please use the UAAC general email.

Congratulations on your decision to join our Suffolk, we are thrilled to have you! We like to tell incoming students to use the Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAAC) as a touchstone and first stop for all things academic. During orientation, you’ll have an opportunity to meet with an academic advisor to review your course registration and have any questions you may have answered.

During your first semester at Suffolk, we will make visits to one of your first year courses to reintroduce ourselves, review the services we offer, and discuss registration for the upcoming semester. We are here to support all undergraduate students regardless of major, so please do not hesitate to reach out. We look forward to working with you throughout your time at Suffolk!

For general inquiries and course registration questions, please contact the main office at 617-573-8034 to set up an appointment. You can also send us an email with general questions as well.

First, welcome to Suffolk! We are thrilled to welcome you into our community. For general inquiries and course registration/schedule changes, please call the main office to set up an appointment at 617-573-8034. You’ll want to make sure you have received your Suffolk credentials and can log in during the appointment. Before your scheduled appointment, the academic advisor will email you instructions with a link to your Zoom or phone appointment.

Every semester, we offer Transfer Advising Workshops to help our new transfer students become better acclimated to their curricula, learn how advising and registration work, how to access on-campus resources, and to become more familiar with their transfer credits and how they work at Suffolk. For more information regarding these workshops, please contact Ashley Leonard.

Disability Services

When you request your accommodation letter, we will provide it to you in a PDF format. Printed copies of accommodation letters will be available by request. To establish accommodations for classes, students will be expected to provide their accommodation letter and schedule a time to discuss it with their instructors.

All exams for in-person classes will be proctored in an on-campus, in-person setting.

If you need to request proctoring arrangements for an exam in an online class, please contact the Office of Disability Services directly and we will evaluate requests on a case-by-case basis.

You can call or stop by to schedule a meeting or contact your service provider directly via email with questions. To schedule a meeting time, please call the Division of Student Success at 617-573-8034. Meetings with the ODS will take place in person on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont street. We will also be available to meet remote, via Zoom. If you wish to meet in a remote setting, please indicate this when scheduling your appointment.

Study Abroad FAQs

Yes. Pending health and safety conditions, you will have the opportunity to study abroad at the Suffolk University Madrid Campus or to choose from a wide selection of additional programs. Summer and Fall 2022 approved locations, programs, and opportunities will be posted on the Study Abroad website. Please email the Study Abroad Office if you have any questions.

All application materials must be received by the below deadlines:

  • Non-Madrid Programs: March 15
  • Suffolk University Madrid Campus: April 1

We will need to withdraw your application for the current cycle, but all application records are saved in our system. You will need to let us know when you’d like to apply again, and we can reactivate your old application and move it to the new term.

Yes, at this time we are still planning to offer a variety of short-term in-person and/or virtual travel opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students during the Spring 2022 semester. As always, current health and safety conditions will ultimately dictate whether travel will be possible. Please monitor your email for updates and contact the Study Abroad Office with any questions.