Six-Year Bachelor's & Law Degree

A select number of outstanding Suffolk undergraduates may gain early admission to Suffolk University Law School at the end of their junior year. These students can earn a combined bachelor's degree and Juris Doctor degree in six years instead of the usual seven.

Declare Your Pathway as Early as Your Freshman Year

Only Suffolk students with distinctly superior records and LSAT scores can expect to qualify for early admission and combined degrees. If interested in this opportunity, you should plan your academic programs accordingly beginning in your freshmen year or as soon as possible after that.

Students in many majors can apply for the Six-Year Bachelor's/Law Degree:

Apply to Law School in the Fall of Your Junior Year

Follow the normal Law School application procedure. Applications are due no later than April 1. The Suffolk University Law School Admission Committee will make a decision on your completed application according to regular application timelines and procedures. If you're accepted and enrolled in this program, you'll pay Law School tuition upon matriculation into the Law School. 

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