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It’s an exciting time to study economics. The 21st century has given rise to some of the most turbulent times in financial history worldwide, and you’ll be challenged to ask key questions—and find research-based solutions—to the contemporary set of problems facing our world.

As an economics student, you’ll analyze slow economic growth and persistent high levels of unemployment in many advanced countries. You’ll also study rising income inequality and health care costs. Plus, you’ll explore climate change, volatile oil prices, government deficits and debt levels, immigration, and currency crises—and their effect on the global economy.

The Economics Department offers a degree in Economics. The economics curriuclum is designed to prepare students for careers that require strong analytical, quantitative, critical thinking, and communication skills. These include positions in financial institutions, corporations, government agencies, and international organizations. The degree also prepares for students for graduate studies.

Sawyer Business School offers a degree in Business Economics which combines the strengths of the Economics major with a business core.