Protect Your Investment with the GradGuard Tuition Protection Insurance Plan 

Each year, thousands of students nationwide face the difficult decision of whether to withdraw when something unexpected happens. Depending upon the time of withdrawal, they may only receive a partial refund. The GradGuard™ Tuition Protection Insurance Plan enhances the school's existing refund policy.

The Tuition Protection Plan was designed with students and their families in mind. The Plan can reimburse tuition payments, room and board, fees, and other non-refundable college expenses if a student needs to withdraw any time during the semester for any covered medical reason such as illness, injury or psychological condition.

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  • Tuition refund insurance covers

    Tuition and other academic fees.  Books purchased directly through the school or the loss of unused room and board costs may also be covered.

    If a school provides a partial reimbursement at the time of withdrawal, tuition refund insurance will cover any remaining balances up to the policy limits for covered fees.

  • Tuition refund insurance does not cover

    • Voluntary withdrawal from an academic program
    • Dismissal from an academic program due to academic or disciplinary reasons
    • Incurred a loss prior to or after the period of coverage
    • Failed to attend classes for any reason
    • Graduated or completed classes early
    • Been inducted or drafted into the Armed Forces
    • Modified enrollment status

  • Policy length

    The policy begins the first day of class and spans a traditional academic year - fall and spring semesters

  • Increasing coverage

    Additional coverage needs to be purchased before the first day of classes

  • Tuition refund insurance, the right choice

    College is one of the largest investments, and often is unprotected.  Many times students are forced to withdraw from school for medical reasons resulting in added financial responsibilities due to the institution's tuition liability or withdrawal schedule. 

    Tuition refund insurance will refund lost tuition, academic fees, and other related expenses should a student need to withdraw within policy coverage guidelines.