Suffolk University has been working to determine the safest ways for students, faculty, and staff to interact with our campus. The COVID-19 pandemic is still active and evolving, and life on campus will be altered to maintain the necessary sanitary and social distancing practices to avoid transmission.

Coronavirus Health Advisory

Find out the latest from Suffolk advisories and helpful links with additional information (updated March 15, 2021).
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Guidelines for All

The entire University community will be engaged in these efforts. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member, the following will now be parts of everyday campus life:

  • Face coverings: In any location other than a private office, people will be required to wear face coverings.  This includes all outside areas on campus even if maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others.
  • Social distancing: People on campus will be required to maintain a distance of at least six feet from one another.
  • Crowd reduction: Measures are in place throughout campus to reduce the number of people permitted in rooms at one time, and to reduce the flow of traffic through common areas like hallways, stairwells, and elevators.
  • Daily Symptom Monitoring: All students and employees coming to campus must self-monitor for any of the COVID-19 related symptoms and submit their daily self-attestation using the CoVerified app in order to gain access to all campus buildings.  Students and employees should report any/all COVID symptoms even if they are not coming to campus that day.
  • Surveillance Testing Program: All non-symptomatic students and employees who are routinely (at least weekly) coming to campus must participate in the University Surveillance Testing Program. Test results are typically returned within 24 hours. This testing program is not appropriate for students and employees with symptoms or anyone who has had a known exposure to COVID-19.  It is not a drop-in test site for anyone; it is for people who are regularly coming to campus.

COVID-19 Higher Education Control Plan

Suffolk University has adopted the COVID-19 workplace safety rules and requirements instituted under the Governor's Reopening Orders for Phase II and Phase III.

See the plan [PDF]

COVID-19 Campus Updates Information For

Re-open Campus


00:05 Suffolk University is committed to ensuring

00:07 the health and safety of our entire campus community,

00:10 staff, faculty and students.

00:14 Each of us has an important role to play

00:16 in keeping the Suffolk community safe and healthy.

00:20 This summer, we have worked hard to determine

00:22 the safest ways to reopen campus for the fall semester.

00:26 It will take all of us working together to make it work.

00:31 Here, we'll discuss some ways in which life on campus

00:34 will change in order to accomplish this.

00:37 Before coming to campus,

00:39 make sure to complete the mandatory LinkedIn Learning

00:42 training for a safe return to campus.

00:45 Every day before coming to campus screen yourself

00:48 for COVID symptoms, including fever, sore throat, coughing

00:52 or difficulty breathing,

00:54 or unexplained loss of smell or taste.

00:57 If you experience any of these symptoms or other symptoms

01:00 that are concerning to you, please do not come to campus.

01:04 Instead, contact your healthcare provider

01:07 and notify your supervisor.

01:09 Make sure you have your Suffolk University ID

01:11 and face coverings with you at all times.

01:14 Both will be required for entry to campus.

01:19 When commuting to campus,

01:20 remember to follow city of Boston and Commonwealth

01:23 of Massachusetts recommendations,

01:25 including wearing a face covering

01:27 and maintaining social distance from others

01:30 in public spaces, including public transit.

01:33 In an effort to interrupt viral transmission on campus,

01:37 most students, faculty and staff who are required

01:39 to be present on campus will be tested once weekly

01:43 for active infection.

01:45 Testing will begin in mid August

01:47 and will be provided at no cost to the individual.

01:50 Tests will continue through the fall semester.

01:54 When arriving on campus, take note of the new entry sequence

01:58 indicated by entrance, exit and one-way travel signs.

02:03 If there was the line, use the floor markers

02:05 to maintain social distance.

02:07 You will see such signage throughout campus.

02:13 If you will be visiting floors between one and five

02:16 and you're able, please use stairs.

02:19 Stairwells will be designated either up or down.

02:23 Lookout for signs designating the proper direction,

02:26 while in stairwells, remember to maintain social distance.

02:31 If you are going to a floor higher than the fifth,

02:34 wait in line for the elevator.

02:36 Elevator occupancy will be limited and they will stop

02:39 on limited floors in each building.

02:41 You may need to use stairs to reach your destination floor.

02:45 For those unable to use the stairs,

02:48 designated elevators will be available to access all floors.

02:52 Classrooms will be reconfigured to ensure reduced density

02:56 and social distancing and air handling systems

02:59 have been optimized to increase fresh air

03:02 changeover and filtration.

03:04 Wipes will be available for individuals

03:06 to clean their spots prior to each class.

03:10 During class, faculty and students

03:12 must keep their face coverings on.

03:14 Faculty will be given supplies like markers

03:17 and whiteboard erasers to bring with them to each class

03:20 to prevent sharing.

03:22 Students serving as technology facilitators

03:24 will clean instructor and student workstations

03:27 in hy-flex courses at the end of each class.

03:31 30 minutes will be allotted between each class

03:33 to give more time for navigating campus and restroom breaks.

03:39 Restroom lines may extend into the hallway at times.

03:42 Remember to maintain social distance in this circumstance.

03:47 In restrooms, keep your face covering on

03:49 and thoroughly wash your hands.

03:53 Suffolk's facilities, service provider, ABM industries

03:56 is completing a deep clean prior to reopening.

04:00 They will supply hand sanitizer and wipes

04:03 in locations around campus.

04:05 In addition to their everyday cleaning regimen,

04:08 ABM is instituting their enhanced clean program

04:12 where certified disinfection specialists

04:14 will frequently visit all high touch surfaces

04:17 in common areas.

04:19 They will also conduct deep cleaning

04:21 during the overnight hours.

04:24 Reception desks, Suffolk officers will be supplied

04:27 with acrylic barriers in sanitizer stations

04:30 and floor markers for maintaining social distance in lines.

04:34 Staff and faculty will work flexibly on campus

04:37 and online for the fall semester,

04:39 allowing for reduced occupancy on campus.

04:43 Remember, to maintain social distance and office spaces

04:46 whether in private offices, shared offices, or cubicles.

04:51 Continued use of online meeting tools

04:53 is recommended whenever possible.

04:56 If it is necessary to conduct a meeting in person,

04:59 even when one on one, it should be held in a larger room

05:03 where social distancing can be maintained.

05:06 Kitchenettes, department printers and other shared

05:09 employee resources will remain available.

05:12 So, it is vital to use face coverings, social distancing

05:16 and sanitization supplies in these spaces.

05:20 Thank you for your individual and collective efforts

05:23 in these challenging times.

05:25 A safe and successful campus reopening

05:27 depends on everyone following these practices.

05:30 Please help us reinforce Suffolk culture of safety

05:33 by continuing to support and look out for one another

05:37 and visit our university reopening campus website,

05:41 or email

05:47 for up to date information.

05:50 We look forward to a safe and successful fall semester.