Referrals to Community Providers

The CHW Case Manager assists students with finding off-campus mental health resources when ongoing or specialty care is needed. CHW provides customized referrals based on the unique needs and preferences of each student.

The CHW Case Manager provides the following services:

  • Referrals to individual and group therapists, psychiatric medication prescribers, primary care physicians, and other types of mental health and medical providers
  • Urgent or routine referrals to partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or eating disorder programs, and/or other specialized treatment options for specific mental health and substance use disorders
  • Assists students with contacting providers including coaching with scheduling appointments and choosing providers
  • Assistance with questions about insurance coverage and navigation of specific insurance companies regarding benefits
  • Connection to community resources (hotlines, identity-specific resources, and other resources both on and off-campus) in collaboration with Suffolk CARES
  • Follow-up with students until they have successfully connected with off-campus care

Finding Off-Campus Providers

There are many ways to search for medical and mental health providers in your community. The CHW Case Manager maintains a provider database but also uses many of the following methods to find providers and can show you how to use them. We've compiled a helpful list of local group practices, specialized treatment options, and identity-specific healthcare resources for Suffolk students [PDF]. Students looking to connect with a community provider may also schedule a direct appointment with the CHW Case Manager for assistance by calling CHW (617-573-8226).

Here are some of the more common methods to find a provider:

  • Use a therapist search website such as Zencare, Alma, Headway, Psychology Today or Innopsych
  • The ‘find a doctor’ feature on your insurance company’s website
  • Your insurance’s telehealth service company, which often connects to online mental health providers
  • Your primary care physician’s medical network or hospital, which often employs mental health providers as well