Smith Hall

Opened in August 1996, the 150 Tremont Street residence hall is co-ed and houses 434 students. It is comprised of single, double, triple, and quad rooms arranged along a corridor with a shared bathroom or in suites ranging in size from four to 10 students.

Suites are single-sex and include double and single rooms, and a shared lounge and bathroom, which are used and maintained by the suite members.

There are no kitchens in any of the suites. About 65 percent of the rooms in the building are for two people (doubles). Single rooms, which are priced at a higher rate, are available to new students on a very limited basis. The triples (three students) and quads (four students) are the largest rooms in the residence hall, and typically house new students. 40 to 45 percent of incoming new students will be assigned to Smith Hall.



Suites house four, five, six, nine, or 10 students. A suite is a grouping of double and single (only one single per suite) rooms around a furnished common living space. The suite members share a bathroom that is housed within the suite. Residents of a suite are responsible for maintaining the bathroom, including providing supplies and cleaning the bathroom.


Most rooms in Smith Hall are on the corridor. This is the “traditional” style of a residence hall. Some of the corridor rooms overlook the Boston Common.

Students who live in corridor rooms share two floor bathrooms—one for men, one for women. Residents are not responsible for maintaining/cleaning the corridor bathroom.

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