How to Start a Club at Suffolk

Starting a club at Suffolk University is easy! Make your idea into a reality for you and your fellow students with these easy steps below.

Indicate Your Interest

Stop by or email the Student Leadership and Involvement (at Sawyer 320) to setup an appointment to meet with the Director of SLI with your club idea.

Build Your Team

You need at least six students to start a club! Talk to your fellow students and form a team of at least four students who will serve as executive (e-board) members, at least two other members who will be general members, and identify a faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor. Your e-board must have a 2.3 GPA or higher, and your advisor must be a current full-time faculty or staff member at Suffolk University. 

Create Your Foundation

Once your leadership team is formed, one or more members of the group should meet with Casey, who will provide you with a template constitution and club registration to fill out. Use the documents provided during the interest phase to create the group’s founding constitution.

Submit Your Materials

Email your final constitution and registration form to Casey, who will review them and be sure your group is ready to go.

Get Started

Once you have completed all registration requirements, you will receive a memo announcing your official status and assigning you to a Program Advisor from the SLI office. They will to help you begin planning your meetings and events.