Commuter Resources

The Commuter Ambassador (CA) is an experienced Suffolk University student who is a key member of the Office. The Commuter Ambassador primarily helps first-year students transition to college life and mentors students who commute to campus.

Student Resources

Download the Welcome-Kit here.


Store your books and other school supplies on campus. Lockers can be located in 150 Tremont sub-basement. More locker information at the department of facilities. Contact them at 617-573-8110.

Locker information for Law Students can be found in the Law School.

Ram Account

The Ram Account is a stored value/debit account linked to your Ram card, which is your Suffolk ID. Ram Account funds can be used at all participating on- and off-campus locations, and they are available as long as you are an active member of the Suffolk community—commuter and resident students, faculty, and staff. Students and parents can now add funds to the Ram Account. For more information, email us or call the Student Account/Ram Card Services at 617-573-8407.

MBTA Discounted Pass

Suffolk offers students in the College of Arts & Sciences and Sawyer Business School semester-long MBTA passes at discounted rates. The Semester MBTA pass will cover January, February, March and April.

For more information visit the MBTA Discounted Pass page.

Suffolk University Lounges

Stahl Center at 73 Tremont Street

  • Located on the 1st floor of 73 Tremont Street, the Commuter Student Lounge was opened in the Spring of 2019. This lounge is intended for commuter students to meet one another, have a destination to rewind during the school day, and have a place to heat up or store food on a day-to-day basis.
  • Located on the 9th floor of 73 Tremont Street, the 73 Lounge is a quiet place to study or relax. Come by to study between classes or while you wait for your appointment in the Division of Student Success.

Samia Academic Center at 20 Somerset Street

  • This building not only provides science labs and classrooms on the upper floors, but many classrooms on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors and basement level as well. There are small lounges for student use on each floor and the lively Smith cafeteria on the basement level.

Sawyer Building at 8 Ashburton Place

  • The Sawyer Building has relaxing and lively student lounges on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors with food service on the 2nd floor next to the lounge. This space is a great social space along with the 3rd floor which houses student clubs and organizations, the Student Leadership and Involvement Office, and Performing Arts Office. The 4th floor lounge is a quieter study lounge.
  • The Veteran's Lounge is on the 9th floor. 

Ridgeway Building at 148 Cambridge Street

  • Overlooking the intersection of Cambridge and Staniford Streets, students can use the common area, located on the 2nd floor, to get some work done or to hang out before going to class.

Apply to the Commuter Ambassador Program

We are looking for hard-working enthusiastic students who would like to be part of our team! CAs plan social, cultural, and educational activities. CAs are role models, educators, and community builders to the diverse group of students who live off-campus.

The preferred deadline for submitting your CA Application is March 18.

CA Application [Qualtrics]
CA Reference Form [Qualtrics]

Faculty and Staff Resources


Check out the many ways you can commute to Suffolk!

Parking Recommendations

Child Care/Elder Care

Please visit Suffolk's HR department for more information.

Mothers' Rooms

The Student Affairs Office has partnered with the Office of Title IX to refurbish the Mothers' Rooms on campus. Mothers' Rooms can be used to nurse children or pump breast milk during the work or school day. Rooms are available in Sargent, Sawyer, and 73 Tremont Street. To schedule use, please email CARE or call 617-573-8239.