Erik Gullard

Erik Gullard

Associate Director

Pronouns: he/him

[email protected]

Counselor Assignment

MA (Fitchburg and Worcester Counties); Northern CA, Mid-West, Pacific Northwest, HI, AK; All applicants to Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Interior Design

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Menlo Park, CA

Favorite Book(s)
The Broken Earth trilogy, by N.K. Jemisin and Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman

Most Underrated Movie

Why Boston?
I first moved to the Boston area to finish my undergraduate degree and stayed because I fell in love with higher education. With access to so many opportunities, Boston is the largest and greatest college town in the world!

Favorite Food(s)
Burrito Bowl, Tiramisu

Advice to Applicants
The college admissions process can feel like there is so much to do. Don’t forget this is just as much about finding your academic home as completing the application. Try to figure out your must-haves in a college, like location, size, or program. Then, reach out to admission offices to get this information. Come visit and see what fits best!