Student Organizations

Want to get involved and build your network? Joining a student organization (or more than one!) is the best way to do both. Here are some groups that can help you exchange ideas with your peers, network with professionals, and expand your knowledge of finance.

Finance Club

Join students who share your interest in the financial industry. This club hosts many activities throughout the year, including an investment challenge simulation, faculty lectures, guest speakers, and trips to major investment corporations.

Financial Management Association’s National Honor Society

The Financial Management Association (FMA) is a global professional organization of financial executives, analysts, professors, and students. FMA membership distinguishes you as an integral part of a growing network of finance practitioners.

Undergraduate finance majors who have earned 61 credit hours, have an overall cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher, and have completed at least three finance courses, are eligible to participate in FMA’s National Honor Society.